This is how to sort images on NextGen Gallery on WordPress
The new Media Uploader in WordPress 3.5 makes it easy to create, organize, and insert image galleries into any page or post on your site. WordPress Tutorial Part 12: Create & Use an Image Gallery [More]
Have you wanted to organize your photo galleries with albums? That way you can have multiple image galleries on a single page. In this video, we will show you how to create a photo gallery [More]
Instructional video for our website image master.
Tutorial on how to upload photos to your WordPress website with Nextgen Photo Gallery
JPEGmini is software that can optimize your images without any quality loss. Not only that, it can work within your website workflow and even your Lightroom workflow, for photographers.
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How To Add and Edit Images Using The Nextgen Gallery on WordPress
Learn how to upload pictures to a gallery on your WordPress blog with the Fancy Gallery plugin. Get your copy at
Visual LightBox: Wordpress Gallery Full Tutorial: 1. Create a gallery in the app and click “Publish”, select “WordPress plugin” as an export option, get plugin 2. Install and activate the created WP [More]
DOWNLOAD THE PLUGIN: PrecisePress Gallery is a wordpress plugin designed to display various media support including grid gallery, galleries, photo album, multiple photo albums, portfolio, photo gallery or image gallery, image slider, google maps [More]
This is a brief demonstration of the Document Gallery WordPress plugin, showing a few of the features available.
A short screencast on how to use the Showcase WordPress plugin.