In this video, I set the basic foundation of a WordPress theme and create the first dynamic content area on the home page grid.
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If your want add html css or javascript codes, you can use the simple html editor. Just drag to the page and embed your own counters, banners, forms and other html codes.
W tym poradniku pokażę jak stworzyć prostą stronę w języku HTML. O tyle o ile jest to potrzebne, lecz gdy masz na zadanie z informatyki np. stworzyć stronę w HTML5 … proszę bardzo! Program: Simple [More]
This tutorial will demonstrate how to insert HTML into a WordPress widget without writing a single line of code. KompoZer is a free wysiwyg editor which allows you to build Web sites without knowing HTML. [More] Tired of working inside that tiny WordPress post or page html editor. Here’s how to stretch it.
Part 1 – A look at how to convert a static html template to a full WordPress theme. Files can be downloaded at
Learn how to switch between the visual editor (which works similar to a Word document) and the HTML editor.
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WYSIWYG Widgets, at last a plugin that adds a text widget that uses the same text editor you use when making a post or page. Now you can easily create lists, add links and add [More]
He creado este vídeo con el Editor de vídeo de YouTube (
Very Basic tutorial on adding html code to WordPress in the main editor. See also In answer to the comment below
The WordPress visual editor can do many things but creating tables is not one of them. While you can create tables manually with HTML some users don’t have the coding knowledge to do this. In [More]
Visit: for more WP tips! Quick video tip demonstrating how to quickly generate the HTML code needed to install banners, etc. in widgetized areas using the WordPress WYSIWYG/HTML editor.