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By Gregory Burrus
Membership Site Tips: How To Build A Successful WordPress Membership Site

There are a lot of different plugins available to convert a WordPress blog into a full-fledged membership site. Some are free, some you have to pay for; and they all offer different functions and features. It can be quite difficult trying to choose the right one, but this article will help you sort it out.

There are two ways you can go when you are first starting a membership site, and the path you follow may depend on your budget. Free WP plugins for WordPress do not have all the bells and whistles the paid plugins do, but they can serve you well as you first set up shop.

Free WP Plugins

There are a number of these plugins on the Internet, and you can sort through them to find the best one with the kind of features you want. Many come with basic features and offer an upgrade for a price.

Paid WP Plugins

Paid membership plugins give you a lot more features, and you may need some of these right away; or you may be able to use a free edition first while you gather up some funds to pay for an upgrade. It all depends on what you need this membership site to do right at the beginning.

If you cannot afford to pay for a plugin, you should take a look at the various free ones available, and see which one you can use temporarily. They all offer different free features; and once again, your choice will be based on your needs.

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