Adding HTML Code to WordPress

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Very Basic tutorial on adding html code to WordPress in the main editor. See also In answer to the comment below


Lisa Heine says:

thank you!

knobs28 says:

Omg i was freaking out lol now i know thank to you :)

BoomerEmpoweringVids says:

It is now called text tab. If you are missing that, it could be a theme
specific issue (check by switching to default theme) or something is
missing in your wordpress installaion.

OSA MAN says:

I’d like to make all my articles on my Word Press copy and paste protected.
I know and have the HTML code for this, however, what i’d like to learn
from you is were i can place this code in the footer head if you know as i
can not find it. Thank you kindly

BoomerEmpoweringVids says:

Zemanta should not have anything to do with the paypal button. Go to
plugins and try deleting the plugin (You can try adding it back if you
wish) and see if it helps. So your issue still doesn’t make sense. Is the
Zemanta “inactive” message showing on your site’s public pages or the

Mohsin Chaudhry says:

HI, I’m working on a school project and we had to make a website where
people could buy our product. I did not use the premium options because our
budget doesn’t allow us to. But each time when i try to add a PayPal button
to my website it shows that “Zemanta is ïnactive”. do you know how I can
get the Paypal button on our website, Thx!!

UltraGamez says:

Help I dont have the html tab!!

threadpicker says:

Thanks OSA Man I’ve created an answer for you, I’ve added the link in the
description above, cause YouTube is a pain with links.

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