Advanced Page Manager – Rediscover WordPress Pages… in 3 minutes

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It is hard to manage WordPress pages when it comes to have more than 10 static pages, right ? Current UI makes it difficult to manage a whole tree of pages. The plugin Advanced Page Manager aims to create a totally new Page Manager Panel designed to help you get the job done. [More at / follow us : @uncatcrea]


Forrest Smyth says:

A voiceover rather than a corny soundtrack would improve your video 1000%

7714girl says:

Thanks so much for this! I just installed this today for my website. I
thought I was going to have to learn code to do it, and I’m just starting
out so this is a lifesaver! I’ll let you know if I have any problems.
Thanks and thanks again!

1K1NDR3D says:

You should still learn to code 😉

UncatCrea says:

Please, dont’t use this thread for ads.

WordpressTutorials10 says:

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