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Is bbPress a great tool for user involvement and forum creation. It is the most popular in all of WordPress, actually.

Find out what the guys thought about the tool. Learn about some of the challenges and perks of setting up your WordPress website with the famous plugin.


Ryan Gregory says:

What is wrong with a normal camera Mic?

Miike Lefebvre says:

Thanks for the video guys! Much appreciated.

Justin Otstott says:

bbPress is terrible.

John Our Home from Scratch says:

Guys, fantastic videos. Who designed your video intros? I’m in the market
for one. Thanks!

Gerson Lima says:

Seems like your buddy on the left is a little camera shy.

Satyender Kumar says:

talk less and show us something inside.

rod crowe says:

you like talking for the sake of it

Ian Sinclair says:

10 minutes in, and still there is no useful information about bbPress
setup. Babble
babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble
17 minutes, still no info.
Please change the title of this video to something relevant, like “Two guys
babbling unscripted about stuff unrelated to the actual setup of bbPress.”

11Protouch says:


ExposedRoot says:

Akismit is free. Check the options.

Cool Tony says:

Thanks guys for the interesting video. Just one point: Akismet is no longer
a free WordPress plugin. Thanks for the very informative video. TT

K0NM says:

2 minutes in closing this useless talkshow

Bluezen2011 says:

Can you integrate BBPress with membership sites like WishList?

K0NM says:

1 minute in no useful information.

boxlessthinking says:

a lot of updates are to fix problems and it dos not have any new features.
referring to captia not being updated.

Kurt Janssens says:

Thanks for sharing these reviews, full of WordPress energy and most
helpful! I’m currently looking into a membership + theme + forum solution,
I think it’ll be DAP + OP + (bbPress is out since I’m not into coding (thx)
; Mingle ; SimplePress; or vBulletin (has mobile apps)) Would be wicked if
you guys talked about these fora or this specific integration!

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