Breadcrumb NavXT Transcription Video WP plugin

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Best Business To Make Money WordPress Plugins In this specific video, you’re going to learn how to use breadcrumbs to improve the navigation of your wordpress site. Breadcrumbs, if you’re not familiar with – allow people a trail to follow back to the starting or entry point of a website. And you may or may not have heard of the concept of breadcrumbs, you might’ve seen them in movies, you may not have, but normally what happens is if somebody goes – let’s say for example, into the forest, and they don’t really know their way back so they begin to leave breadcrumbs for people to follow or for them to find their way back.

So, in this case, in relation to wordpress sites, that’s basically how breadcrumbs work. So we’re going to go ahead and install a specific plugin called the Breadcrumb NavXT, so go on to your Plugin section, click on Add New, and in the search box, enter “breadcrumb NavXT” click on Search plugins – And this is the specific plugin, so go ahead and install and activate this. You’ll want to enter your ftp user name and password, click on Proceed, and click on Activate Plugin.

Now, we can configure the settings of the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin. Click The Link Above For More Info About “Best Business To Make Money WordPress Plugins”


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