Build a simple faq page with WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields

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We’re going to show you how to build a pretty basic, lightweight, sortable, dynamic auto hyperlinked FAQ template using WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).


Cyrus Besabella says:

hi sir.. where you get the page-faq.php? its autogenerated or u wrote it?

Daron Spence says:

Great video! Just curious how you moved your admin bar to the bottom of the
screen. Plugin?

Abdi Saeed says:

Thank you. I am loving this add-on.

Question: Where are you using the custom field groups “Footer options” and
“Contact and Social”? Are you using them in a wordpress “Page”? Does this
confuse your clients who may think “what this ‘Footer options’ page doing
in my Pages”? I suppose the traditional alternative is widgets which am not
very big fan.

nvision solutions says:

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