Create a Wildcard Sub-domain for WordPress Multisite (WP MU)

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Find out how to create a wildcard subdomain for your Multisite WordPress (WP MU) network via your hosting account cPanel. WordPress Multisite Series, Video #1.


Philip Polaski says:

Great stuff! Your videos was clear cut and detailed. Thank you for taking
the time to make my life a lot easier! 

maryann vigilia says:

good job..

Ehsan Tahzeeb says:

Hi, i am setting up WordPress Multisite, I have successfully complete add
settings of wp_Config.php & .htaccess files. Everything working fine at
backend or admin panel. But nothing visible on frond end except “pageok”
message. I am unable to find WildCard setting in Godaddy admin panel, i am
using Delux plan. I changed DNS record but how can i change “”ServerAlias
*”” ??? Thanks

Steve Betts says:

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Randy James says:

Ok so If I need a bunch of unique domain names, forwarded to one main
domain I would use this method. Right? So If I need all the domains to
forward to a landing page would I just set up forwarding on the main
domain, then all the subdomains would forward as well?

RadarTechTuts says:

That is correct! You do NOT need to make a wildcard subdomain if using
sub-folder multisite. Radartech

MarlonHinesOnline says:


javaqueen17 says:

Excellent. Thank you for the series that makes it all very clear indeed.

Darin Simonson says:

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of wordpress. It really is the most complete wordpress course ever created.
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durangoddave says:

Very nicely done, very clear. But if you could confirm this please, i have
read that you only need to do this wildcard option if you are choosing the
sub-domain type multisite. You do not need to perform this step if you
choose the sub-folder multisite type of network. Is that correct? Thanks

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