CSS – How To Create Colored Link Website Navigation-Bar WordPress Breadcrumbs

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The WordPress navigation link coloring capabilities have increased hugely with the introduction of several new “classes” – classes being names for settings you can define in a child theme. In this video, we cover using child themes to make changes, as well as how to use Firebug in Firefox (very similar approach used in Chrome’s and other’s Inspect Element tools) to try out ideas and test your syntax so you can end up with code that actually works that you can paste into your child theme. I make mistakes while doing this so that you won’t have to! (heh… yeah, you can wish!) This is a raw, webinar-style presentation, so don’t expect polish – just some helpful hints on how to use these new classes to highlight your navigation elements in many powerful ways. Covered are:


And more! See also the Addendum #1 to this one.


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