How to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Website or Blog and Establish a Community

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Close – Looking to install a forum on your own website, and establish a community? Blogging and building a community goes hand in hand, and if you are not thinking to establish a community through your blog then you are doing a big mistake.
Do you use online forums to get traffic to your blog? If your answer is NO, than in this post you will get to know why forums are important for bloggers.


Cool Tony says:

Hi Tarek, unfortunately the Mingle Forum is no longer available in
WordPress plugins.

Ismail Alli says:

Yeah the Mingle plugin seems to have vanished. You could try using the WP
Forum Server plugin as a substitute.

Morten Frydenlund says:

Hey, where can i find the mingle forum when it’s not in the plugin area

Julius Andrade says:

helped a lot!!!thanks

Karol Skora says:

how do i install this skin on the server? if i already has it?

Tarek Alaaddin says:

Thank You So much…Let me know, if there is anything I can do to assist
you further.

tyblossom says:

I’m trying to put this in a category, but when I click on it under the
category section…it isn’t there. Any ideas why?

Williams Pyton says:

Mr. Alaaddin how do I upload this to my home page! Your tutorial is on
POINT…………. Thanks!

Tarek Alaaddin says:

Thanks for your question.. Actually there are no straight way of changing
the background, unless you are willing to mess with code, and CSS…. you know there are lots of skins that you can download from the
mingle forum official website…Just google that.. Hope that helps.

Sue-Tanya Mchorgh says:

Very helpful and straight to the point

Tarek Alaaddin says:

Thanks for your feedback William 🙂 Just make the page where you put the
forum short code. Go to Settings->Reading-> and choose your front page.

Daniel Kalický says:

Hello thx for informations… but I have small question how can I change
color of background on this forum?

Tarek Alaaddin says:

Seems like this plugin, is no longer available. I am going to look for
other plugin that does the same thing, and do a brand new video on it.
Thanks for letting me know, that it is no longer available.

Morten Frydenlund says:

Where can I find the Mingle Forum..? It’s not in the Plunin area anymore??

NanoWeb says:

Thank for nice information, please provide us full site tutorial in Magento

Tarek Alaaddin says:

Not sure, if I understand your question….But if you are having trouble,
delete the plugin, and reinstall it, hopefully that will get you the skin
that you talking about. If you need more help, drop me a message, using the
contact form on my blog.

Rosemarie Hilton says:

This was very helpful and saved me lots of time. I was trying for hours to
figure out how to add a forum to my website, then I found your video which
was a total blessing! Thank you so much!!! God Bless you

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