How to add a simple forum to your wordpress site

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Here is a training video showing you how to add a simple forum to your wordpress site! Hope you find this helping. Having a forum with in your site instead of linking to a third party site can be very powerful for your business.


TheJuli1241 says:

@MrAfcmad6 Only paid websites like those wit .com have Plugins

Ted Lowrie says:

I am an expert in wordpress and I just created some video tutorials about
wordpress. It really is the most extensive wordpress course ever created. I
posted a sneak peek from the course on my channel. check it out..

Femme-Fatale says:

@Aprilrain98 yes i have checked the junk mail, and it’s not in there either!

sozbun says:

Glad I could help 🙂

MrAfcmad6 says:

cant find plugins?

TheLansoprazole says:

I tried installing this but received an error “The plugin does not have a
valid header.” wht to do now?

Irmina Santaika says:

Thank you very much!

222bubis says:

very useful thank you

MrAfcmad6 says:

cant find plugins on my blog?

sozbun says:

Has to be a self hosted version of WordPress.. For example mine is hosted
on my godaddy hosting account

Femme-Fatale says:

thank you so so much!! This was very very informative and helpful to my
wordpress site. Even though i’m running the genesis framework it didn’t
ruin it! Only problem is that when a guest clicks on “Register” it does go
through the registration process, says the password has been emailed..but
it never arrives in email!

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