How to Install a WordPress MultiSite Network using Subdirectories

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In this video we’ll show you how to install a WordPress MultiSite Networking using Subdirectories (rather than subdomains), and cover the important items as we go.


KymeraBJD says:

Hi. I’ve been trying to enable a subdirectory multisite on my localhost.
The second site never displays at all; I only get the index directory. I’ve
followed all of the instructions but clearly I’ve missed something. Any
help would be much appreciated.

glpify says:

Hi Thanks for your help, I’ve followed of the above steps but I keep on
receiving an error message which says that I can’t establish a multi-site
connection. My website url already is in a format. Do
you think the forward slash could have something to do with it?

Gary McCaffrey says:

Followed all this and when I go to the first created blog in the network,
there’s nothing there. Like I’m getting the same thing you get if you go to

gessworld says:

I get the same thing too. I get a redirect loop error in my browser when I
go to the dashboard of my second site on my local computer.

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