How To Install and Use The TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

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Close – Click here for FREE, instant access to my step-by-step make money online fast video ecourse! TinyMCE Advanced is a very useful WordPress plugin that adds extra functionality to your WYSIWYG editor. In this video you’ll see exactly how to install and configure it.


Harry Sama says:

awsome John-very good video for people to know how it works-

Ghonaim Abdullah says:

Thanks. very simple.

W Fentons says:

Great video, thanks

Cool Tony says:

Thanks John, very well explained.

Sivakumar S says:

thanks its super thank you very much

Slav K says:


KingDong991 says:

Great post John, I can truly say you have the best videos on Youtube that
give steps in detail. I would gladly endorse your training course to others
and purchase your course for myself

Drew Pagliari says:

I dont have the plugin directory on my sidebar?

Jennie Baez says:

hi John, There is another plugin called Ultimate TinyMCE. What’s the
difference between the Ultimate TinyMCE and the TinyMCE Advanced that you
mention in your video. Not sure. Thank you.

Erma Parmley says:

Thanks for your sharing

liefpandabeertje says:

thank you !!

John Lagoudakis says:

@tbrainsky Glad to hear it 🙂

dragonmansgold says:

Thanks for sharing this. It will be a big help to those of us that get
frustrated with the text changing sizes when we copy and paste from other
sites. I have been creating tables in other applications then pasting them
over to wordpress and there are always tweaks that take a lot of time. This
table function will save all that headache.

Daphna Cohen-Mintz says:

Thanks for a great and clear explanation!

Gretchen Jack says:

Thanks for your video. It was clear and easy to follow along. Gretchen

BeSmartBrand says:

Thanks! It is really helpful.

Cathy Chester says:

Thanks so much. Another video was explaining how to embed a youtube video
and you needed TinyMCE, and I thought what is that? You helped me to find
out. Now I have to figure out how to embed the video!!!:-)

sousdey yann says:

event in activate TinyMCE Advanced plugin already , i still can’t see it in
my wordpress editor panel

AdvanceRun says:

where is the plugin option for the Oxygen theme ????

Antonio Luis Pagano says:

Thanks, works great

Kalman Philippe says:

Simple and useful tutorial. Thanks to you!!

Phyllis Kotton says:

Thanks so much, it was a great help to me.

Paul Dubar says:

It would help people to know that this feature is NOT available on
wordpress(com) sites, only on wordpress(org), which installs to your web
server. It’s not there on standard wordpress(com) subscribed accounts.

Marcus Keiper says:

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especially for newbies unless you are an expert in web and graphics design
and not many of us are And that’s why I created a new training course on
wordpress, which will enable you to convert your wordpress blog into a
serious marketing machine. go to my channel and watch the video I posted.

Andrew McDermott says:

Thanks for the tutorial mate. Really helpful! 🙂

tbrainsky says:

Very helpful Thanks! Installed and functioning within minutes.

Martha Conway says:

Simply put, John. Thanks. Would love it if someone put together a video or
document on how to use ALL the buttons in the TinyMCE Advanced.

Fionntáin Mac B says:

hi John thanks for your clear instructions

sousdey yann says:

why i still can’t see TinyMCE Advanced panel in my wordpress editor

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