How to Install WordPress 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3 Multisite

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Close Here’s how to install a WordPress MU 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3 multisite network using cPanel and your web browser.


emilson kafintu says:

This is very informative. Thanks Bob

FaithfreedomFFI says:

Robert I can;t thank you enough for this video tutorial. I spent so far
thousands of dollars on shabby web developers on oDesk. Some delivered a
little and others were just money thrown in toilet. With this simple
tutorial you enabled me to be independent. You made it so simple that even
a technophobe person like me could easily install a multi site. The least I
can do is to place a link to your site on mine. Thanks you.

David Eisenhofer says:

Great content

evarona says:

beautiful! thanks

Onyx Cryst says:

Very nice tutorial, very very helpful

Michael Swart says:

Excellent tutorial this is super helpful – great job Robert

Rob Hardie says:

Many thanks for posting this – it has really helped me get multisite up and
running. Awesome video!!

arivera says:

You are my hero! I followed your video and installed WP MS and WP MU domain
mapping plugin. Thanks a lot! One question: my main domain is XXdotcom and
I added YYdotcom to my network using domain mapping. Can I create
subdomain1.YYdotcom and subdomain2.YYdotcom? If yes, how?. Thanks again

MJ Wood says:

Very helpful Robert! Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Much
less daunting following along with you here than trying to read through the
steps. Great job! Very much appreciated!! :O)

Jorge Villanueva says:

WOW!!! Fantastico tutorial. Helped me a lot!!!

Jonathan Clifton says:

hey, can the virtual subdomains be made through godaddy as well? i went to
godaddy and tried to make a domain with * but it told me that character
isnt acceptable.. lol!

Rosie Whiteley says:

You sir ROCK!

farzaneh kordi says:

thank u so much

Младен Градев says:

You have done an amasing tutorial. Thank you very much.

Gregor D says:

i love you man thanks for making wp-mu not scary!! +)

Byron Jones says:

Thank you, a great help and spent all saturday PM following this.

Lark Lindig says:

Thanks for the video. I am starting to wrap my brain around this now.

Chesley Thompson says:

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tutorials about wordpress. WordPress experts say that this is the best
wordpress package ever created. I posted a sample video from the course on
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giang nguyen chi says:

Thank you ! Very helpful to you 🙂

John Geyer says:

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