Integrating Advanced Custom Fields into a WordPress Theme

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Learn how to integrate Advanced Custom Fields into a WordPress theme. Using a real life situation I ACF into WordPress theme in order to make it customizable by a client of mine.

The process is as follows:

– Create the custom fields you want to be editable
– Select the page(s) you want them to show on
– Input data into the custom fields
– Using ACF’s special code integrate the custom fields into the WP theme you have selected
– Create if/else statements if you need
– Test and re-use!

I’m using Coda to edit / ftp.

00:30 – Introduction
01:57 – Advanced Custom Fields
16:25 – Coding in Template
29:22 – Homepage Customization

Some links you might find useful:


Drew Chung says:

i can’t seem to figure out this plugin. appreciate the lesson here but
there’s still a lot of missing pieces in putting this gallery function

Kris Jolls says:

Just started using ACF on my latest project. Thanks for the vid and
appreciate the style in which you do it. Great work flow and by the way you
might like Desktop Server for local development. Subscribed

Vamsi Tankala says:

Hi Frank, please let me know how I can reach you, looking for advise.

Chris Tulloch says:

How does this work if your using Advanced Custom Fields to develop a theme
on a localhost server. Is the client required to have the ACF plugin also?
Or is there a way to export your template with some sort of plugin
generated code i can install with functions.php ? Struggling with the time
it takes to manually add custom fields to custom post type and wondering if
this could be the answer. Good video either way!

Stephan Soderberg says:

It’s so cool and fun to watch other freelancers working.
THANKS FRANK!!! for the video It makes me feel NOT so lonely working my
ass off ;)

prashant varun says:

I am using free ecommerce theme mystile but unable to make a register/sign
in link on header ….

kindly guide 


There is so many videos on this subject……

Vamsi Tankala says:

Hi Frank, very nice presentation, learned a lot.

Jesse Alaniz says:


T. Henedy says:

How do you make this when you write for example: “a c f subfield” and
suddenly the right text appears immediately. Normaly i had to write the
whole code myself.

and please dont tell me its just for apple 🙁
Nice video

Niels Gerritsen says:

Thanks, this cleared the act field plugin up for me. Sorry I have to say it
but, geez your workspace is cluttered, why are your dock icons so huge.

John Smith says:

boooo, hard coding links

Darren Li says:

Nice vid. It’s true that this vid is not really for learning. Take a bit to
long to watch.
But you demonstrate the real life coding, and some nice idea to integrate
ACF with frontend, so end users can customize the page on their own.
Just wondering, has anyone integrate ACF with Visual Composer?

Thành Duy Phan says:

thanks for share 🙂 it helped me alot :)

18iser says:

that repeater sounds awesome

1mr4n4li says:

How to Integrate it to footer and header content for all site? Please
reply? because I don’t see any condition where I can add image for header
and footer and it stays on all pages? Thank You

Frank Apicella says:

Thanks for the feedback! lol about the “Update” button

Benjomatic says:

I came for the tutorial, but I stayed for the sighing!

Dave Williams says:

Just a heads up, in a bunch of those alt tags/captions (around 15:30)
“Management” was spelled wrong (it was spelled “Managment” – missing an

Ricardo Tosin says:

Nice video dude, i was just looking how to use Advanced Custom Fields, and
Laugh a lot when you lose all your slides =D

Jean Bozza says:

tks man!

Gita Street says:


Frank Apicella says:

Awesome! That’s great to hear. Let me know if you need any other help.

Frank Apicella says:

No prob!

Corey Smith says:

If you hit your back button, it will all come back. Or at least it usually
does for me. 🙂

Gita Street says:

It was a learningful and great tutorial, thanks -but also a bit funny. I
get similar problems, but I guess I’m really obsessive about using the
“Update” button even more frequently 🙂

Dave Williams says:

Did you ever figure out why it kept shooting you to the bottom when you
refreshed the page? 🙂

Đào Văn Phong says:

Good tutorial. Thank you.

Frank Apicella says:

Glad you like it :).. can you tell I was winging it? hehe.

Elliot Condon says:

Hey Frank, Great idea to record yourself working freelance. There is heaps
of awesome workflow and ideas to learn here for new WP and ACF developers!
Cheers, Elliot

Zdravko Tyankov says:

Nice video. It’s just what I was looking for. I was able to implement it
into my theme in 5-10 minutes. thanks!

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