Screencast #65: Advanced Uses for Custom Fields in WordPress

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More than any other single feature, what makes WordPress a CMS (as opposed to just a blogging platform) is custom fields. Custom fields are chunks of data that travel along with posts and pages in key/value pairs. This data can be pulled out and used in your templates as you choose, allowing for all kinds of smart and interesting things to be done. Recorded June 23, 2009.


raineer delarita says:

Thank you

Tim Berry says:

thank you!

Kurt Kokoruz says:

Would be interested to see a part 2 to this video. You transition to the
other site and show how you can filter content using custom fields but you
don’t ever really get into how this is done. Loved the stuff on page
layout using the custom fields but would love more on the filtering
process. Thanks!

Gerson Lima says:

Not necessarily the info I was looking for, you went everywhere but didn’t
really explain much about custom fields. still good info

Starlyn Tejada says:

omg i didnt learn anything

rotkohlsuppe says:

Very informative and helpful. Learned a lot. Thank you.

Patrick Drake says:

please skip the boring stuff

fluntimes says:

Awesome work Chris. I look forward to seeing you at Webstock here in NZ
next year!

hash22985 says:

i wrote get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘name’, true); but still i m unable to see
the content on page note i am using custom page template

Lammy2k says:

Great video … but you could maybe make it a little … nutshelly 😀

pqowi9098 says:

AMAZING, You Are The Man!

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