Set up WordPress Multisite on localhost with MAMP Pro

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Dave Patheyjohns says:

Would you mind advising me about he latest Mamp Pro. I’ve name a server
name=local host within the hosts section. Also within this section is the
extras tap which enable you too connect to cms programes such as word-press
etc. I have a wordpress site running via MamP pro. How do i add another? In
the server nameis another domain thats live, but i wish to change the site
via Mamp how do i do this. Also how do i creat a table in php my adminfor

Jenny Kravitz says:

Thanks for the great tutorial. Did exactly the same, but when I try to make
a new site inside the multiplesite I get an error says the email I enter is
not correct or missing. Is this because of the local host that cant send
emails? in you video was no problem with this. I use WAMP local host does
it make difference? What should i do? Please help 

Todd Munro says:

Yes that correct. You can add the aliases down in the lower right on the
Mamp Pro Hosts window. Either as a subdomain or a subdirectory and if you
are using the domain mapping plugin the domain should work too.

James Richardson says:

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Jake Lisby says:

Great tutorial, a couple things that were missing: I needed to create my
own .htaccess file as it was not present within the folder. Also when using
a subdomain install you still need to add an alias under your virtual host
for every subdomain site you create. This makes sure it points to your
local install.

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