TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Text Editor Overview

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http://www.BlogAid.net Get a better text editor for WordPress called TinyMCE Advanced. It will stop WordPress from removing your special coding and give you all sorts of extra features. And, I’ll take you through how to set it up properly. That’s important because there are things in it that could override your theme style settings. That’s one of the reasons many designers and developers won’t even tell you about this plugin. I know you’ll be fine with it once you see what to use, and what to stay away from.


Robert Graham says:

Very helpful. Thanks! thumbs up

Harriet Yoder says:

Thank you! It was a very helpful video!

Tom Wade MD says:

Awesome video. Thank you very much.

Jakob Kolbeinsson says:

Many thanks for this awesome info.

crazyleg2006 says:

Thanks for another great video… This really helped me get going with
TinyMce – which I had been eyeing for a while.

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