What is a WordPress Multisite?

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Sai Villafuerte says:

I currently have a personal blog where I post feature articles/posts on
personal interests (i.e. politics, film, art, etc). However, I’m also a
freelance artist and want to post my work out as well, but without the
hassle of having to create a whole new domain, etc. Will definitely be
using multisite to manage this!

Jason Griffing says:

Great video! I have a question. I am setting up an e-learning site
currently for launch later this year. A related wiki would be a great way
to start building up content as well as platform to promote the e-learning
site when it launches. That’s my thought anyhow. Does this sounds like a
good use for multi-site? In other words, are there any real advantages
related to cross-promotion? Or is it mostly just for maintenance purposes?

WordpressTrainingVid says:

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Althea Mazon says:

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