WordPress 3 MultiSite Setup

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WordPress 3 MultiSite Setup


Steve Betts says:

I have created a lot of wordpress websites and from my experience I can
tell you that configuring wordpress can be a huge hassle and most
webmasters get it all wrong. So I decided to record every detail of my work
in a video training. You can watch a sample video from this training…. just
visit: –> /watch?v=JP0selMme74 <== or go to my channel to watch it

Charles Ellmaker says:

A very good and detailed explanation. I can’t believe how complicated that
is, given ithe multi-site capability is supposed to be a major new feature
of 3.0.

Bart Timberlake says:

I work as a web designer and I created some video tutorials for the use of
wordpress. It definitely is the most complete wordpress training ever. If
you want to find out more, check out my channel. I have posted a link for
this unique training.

xPiSTE says:

Copy & Paste: define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

Tony Hue says:

You probably shouldn’t be revealing your database info/pw.

dustoff2007 says:

Great explanation. Your video is so clear, many of them are blurry and you
can’t really see what’s going on. Is it the camera or software you are

srikanth94 says:

yeah made it easier…

Simon Pole says:

Great tutorial, thank you.

MatthewPrenticeMedia says:

can you do one where it multi sites to different domain names

lindangi says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m trying to do this since last night, read lot of
tuto and your video finally gave me the solution! Thank you!!!!

jeyaganesh1988 says:

Detailed explanation. Very well done. Thanks a lot.

Robert Widdowson says:

There are tons of do-it-youselfers who need clear, simple, step-by-step
instructions that explain each moment in the process of setting-up a
website on WordPress. I’m amazed how many how-to videos that claim to
clearly instruct on this matter actually fail to deliver. Usually they make
the mistake of assuming the do-it-yourself knows something, anything about
the task at hand. Big mistake. Would someone–anyone–please give clear,
simple instruction. No fast talking or skipping vital steps.

Janis Miezitis says:

Thank you 🙂 This is nice feature in WP3

SuperLukec says:

Thanks 🙂

Marcos Galeana says:

Hello, I have a problem, i can’t create an .htaccess file. I followed your
instructions, but does not work, can you help me? (sorry for my bad english)

Emaan Abdul Majeed says:

oh thank you so much dats work it 🙂

DonSKOR says:

u are awesome xDD

nanstube says:

Awesome walk through, TYVM.

MyQwerqwerqwerqwerqw says:

Holy shit.mega-confusing!!

Matias Zeta says:

Excelente tutorial, una vez configurado el sitio, viene la parte divertida,
obtener visitas a nuestro sitio. En mi canal pueden aprender diferentes
tecnicas para llevar grandes cantidades de visitas al sitio.

Ernesto Rios says:

excelente my friend! you helped me to instalar wordpress mu en español!

yummehEntertainment says:

I did everything like it said and I did not get that super admin thing at
the top of my wordpress, any ideas where I went wrong?

Balan Swaminathan says:

Thank you for posting this video. I just followed as suggested. Everything
works well.

dustoff2007 says:

Great explanation. Your video is so clear, many of them are blurry and you
can’t really see what’s going on. Is it the camera or software you are
using? Btw, this did not really go into what i need. I have installed 3.01
and super admin,but I am trying to move a second site from blogger to wp
and when I type in the site address and info, i get missing or invalid site

Allen Razak says:

Being a newbie, I struggled a bit initially with localhost .htaccess
editing…. then suddenly stumbled on WP Htaccess Editor plugin that’s
easily installed in dashboard. Super easy and hope it works beautifully….
Thank you so much for this video. Cheers….

Paal Joachim Romdahl says:


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