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You know WordPress, you’re probably using it for some of your sites. You’ve done all the basics as far as optimization, it’s time to go deeper. Showing you the advanced controls of several WordPress plugins and the new possibilities offered by the recent WordPress releases, Joost is going to show you how you can use WordPress even more


Mohammad Shoeb Ansari says:


Nikhil Shinde says:

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Chris M Cloutier says:

Welp, that pretty much clears it up for me.

Flutterby Media says:

Joost ROCKS!

Albert Gillick says:

sweet talk!

RO2player says:

This dipshit is everything that’s wrong with the internet. Another sleazy
marketing jackass trying to game search engines with black hat SEO and
spammy shit.

Russ Kirk says:

thanks very much.

Flutterby Media says:

Could not have said it better myself ~ we are building more than websites,
we are building brands. 🙂

Diana Jo Rossano says:

“God awful” that phrase confuses me.

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