WordPress Multi-Site (WPMS) Setup on Localhost (using XAMPP)

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This tutorial shows how you can setup a WordPress multi-site install on a localhost using XAMPP.

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Mohamed Gougam says:

Thank you Keith. Awesome tutorial mate. cheers

Jimmy Taylor says:

Thank you so much for this excellent video tutorial! I have been trying
(and failing) to get a multiple wordpress work area going on my local host.
Then I found your video! 30 minutes later I now have a multi-site
wordpress on local host! Thanks!


what if i want to use subdomains??

aish aish says:

Hey, great work, I followed your steps and I have my local host working,
but what if I want to create tables inside the xamp webserver for people
to order on website and i will read their information in the database

Alexei Kositsin says:

Hey, what about new installation? (new site) can I use same wp(core) files
for both sites?? or this only an admin panel for couple DIFFERENT
installations ow wordpress? thanks

Ahmet Bergmann says:

waste of time,differen title different content

mar co says:

Thanks Heaps mate !!!

aish aish says:

Hi, this is exactly what I want but I cant get it right to the end, can you
please but have problem connecting the word press to the xamp database

RedCurlyHead says:

I do this strictly and It does not work. Everything is freezed. Why is

Joseph Wilder says:

Great tutorial—Still works as of WP 3.9.1

Patrick Galyen says:

Good video. Thank you, this helped me tremendously.

Vegan Slaughterer says:

thank you!!!

Steves Beez says:

Very good

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