WordPress Multisite Explained

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WordPress offers a nice feature called Multisite. Enabling multisite allows users to manage multiple WordPress websites from one WordPress installation. In this video, we are going to explain to you in details about multisite feature as well as the setup of multisite.

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Matt KnowsThat says:

Thank You. I’m still wondering if multisite would be the right choice for
me. I’m rebuilding my company website and would like to have three separate
and distinct sections: one for homeowners, one for builders, and one for
home performance professionals (which would require a password) where
visitors would need to select the appropriate section to proceed beyond the
homepage. It seems like multisite would work well, but is this the cleanest
way to manage it? Any thoughts you can offer?

Mitica Mit says:

When i hit dashboard on test 1 show me “object not found etc etc”

Chris Cornell says:

thank you this was great.

Chris Jones says:

Superb video – thanks for sharing. One additional thing I could do with
seeing is how to link to the subdomain from the navigation bar of the main

Magnus Waitong says:

Great tutorial, thanks!

KAreem sha says:

multisite word press

Boza says:

Great explained!

Be Tan Dallas says:

Simply awesome. Thank you so much for explaining this in very simply but
detailed way. 

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