3 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Blog

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Ever thought about blogging?

Cuz You know that Blogging is HOT these days!

What? You’re NOT blogging…

(hmmmm, we’ll discuss that later)

Let’s get serious for a moment, though, because if you are not blogging you are losing out on the amazing power that comes with it. Just a few of the benefits are:

The ability to create and build a personal brand – the result being a following of others who want to partner with you, join your team, buy products from you, and even promote your products
Ranking on the search engines. Not all traffic driving methods, in fact, very few that do this. Blogging is without a doubt one of the most effective free ways to get content to rank high on the search engines.

Sure you can get a Youtube video to rank almost right away, but that doesn’t have nearly the clout of a blog post. Why not?

Because you can’t include an opt-in form on Youtube,
and after watching your video there are so many other distracting options your viewer probably won’t click on your link to go to your capture page. More likely they’ll be off watching someone else’s video.

Important Note: When you have a blog, you will have complete control and ownership of the space that you have attracted your viewers and readers. The only distractions they’ll be running into are the ones that you put there, and no one can suddenly shut down your account, page, or channel for some violation you were unaware of

Blogging is powerful.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blogging.
If you are serious about blogging, here is a link to a free video from Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy.

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