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Learn to create your own free sub-domain blog/website on In this video you will learn how-to create blog posts/pages with images and text for your blog. Make your blog look like a website. Learn about themes, widgets, menu.


Ene Negn says:

Hi Amir…i used your video and create my blog and it is functional. thanks
for that.
Where as i want to change my domain name. I Cant do that. can you help
please to change my domain name please?

Esther Lorena says:

it is asking me to pay 13.00 to map, its it no longer free?

Nellie Khalili says:

Hi Amir, Thank you so much for the fantastic post you got here!!!
i’m using wordpress New Life theme and i can’t make it showing my posts on
my home page along with the pictures (it was showing before but not now).
Only see one post and that’s all…i set the limit of showing posts to 10
already. how can i fix this?

Sibel Kaya says:

Great tutorial, answered all my questions… Thank you Amir…

Howard Boyd says:

Thanks a MILLION Amir. Very idiot proof and easy to follow along,
understand and implement…..

leeb2606 says:

Thank you soooo much for sharing ………:)

Gregory Brito says:

You are the besttttt

martin lawlor says:

Really clear and concise, and sounds a lovely bloke……….Thank you

Hay Game says:

There is another free website creator called

Canija Mersimoski says:

where is the HTML of the webpage

dr.gomatthi chinnaswamy says:

Thank you Amir !
Good work.

emerald418 says:

Thank you soo much Amir! This step by step guide saved me so much time.

Elizabeth Hudson says:

Thanks for the class. I learned a lot of good tips. I would love for you to
do a class on Google’s Blogger.

Amir Parmar says:

Hi, check the video around 17:10 and create a Menu by going to Appearance –

Sharmin Attaran says:

Hi Amir, I have a blog post that I categorize to show up in the Menu Page
“travel” (for example). I want every post that I write about Travel to show
up on this “travel” page. How can I make sure this happens? For some
reason, the blog posts are not showing up in the right menu tab.

Carol Glover says:

Excellent demonstration. Thank you. What I liked about it was that it was
well paced and easy to follow. Unlike some that speak far too fast.

Ramzy Elias says:

Hi Amir. can i add adSense to free wordpress blog . Thank you.

miniClover1 says:

I made lots of pages but it didn’t show in the menus under pages…

Ramzy Elias says:

Thank you. Amir

Niels Lund says:

thanks bro’!

TheJmsGamer says:

Amir. You did a great tutorial here! Really helpfull! I wanted to make a
Blog about my life, well sort of my life, and also about games, from what
mods ive been making, what glitches i had, etc. Thank you very much!
Tutorial 9.5/10!

MrSpyderman1979 says:

Thanks for this video! A lot of great info.

Amir Parmar says:

Hi Elizabeth, I have created a video for Blogger too. Search on my channel
for it or go to this link /watch?v=0GKMhPY5wSc (add the youtubedotcom in
front of the /)

Realmetalflap says:

Ty Due….

Amir Parmar says:

Hi Sharmin, if you have already created a category called “travel” and
added individual post to the Travel category, all you need to do is add the
Travel Category to your Menu (not the page) Go to Appearance – Menus. Look
on the Left for CATEROGIES, expand it. Put a check mark in the box for
Travel and click on ADD to Menu, Save the Menu on the Right. Now you should
have the Travel as part of the Menu and all the Travel Post will be there.
Let me know if this helps.

Amir Parmar says:

From what I know it is not possible on WordPress blog, they put ads on it,
but we don’t get anything. Look into Google’s Blogger; they allow blogs to
make money with adSense. do a search for Blogger with adSense.

yogavideosmike says:

Superb video! Viewers please note that it describes a totally free site and
blog, with no need to install software. Many other videos describe cases
where you create for free but pay for extras/hosting, or have to download
the wordpress software to your PC.

janette badz says:

can i make money with wordpress?

jimmie2933 says:

Great info you provided. just what i needed.

Prince Brown says:

thanks man!

Amir Parmar says:

Hi, you might be better off using as it is owned by Google and
it is easy to add Google Adsense ads to it. I am thinking of making a video
soon about it. Amir

Sharmin Attaran says:

Done! And perfect! Thank you very much. 🙂

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