How to build a Blog – 2014 (Step By Step!)

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In this beginner friendly tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to make a complete WordPress blog/website. This tutorial is step by step, so I am not going to skip any steps… With this tutorial, you will learn the basics of WordPress so you can build anything you want with the worlds best content management system!


Drs. BruceKathy Martin says:

Nice job. We now have a blog thanks to you

My Boring Channel says:

Try having 10 domains and 10 different WordPress installations on your
server and get a little traffic to at least one of them and see if things
are really unlimited . . .

blenderhead14 says:

This video has been the MOST helpful and gratifying in building a website
that I have seen.

Terry Schneider says:

Thank you very much, great video!

Blessed Little Homestead says:

Thank you! 

eurus pulsare says:

wow so cool! thnks :)

Jaffar Mohammed says:

love you bro!!! 

Ann Marie Cato says:

So helpful. Thank you.

nikongirlsherry says:

I am stuck. I successfully downloaded and activated BlackStudio Tiny MCE
Widget. When I go to Appearance-widgets (in the available widgets list

Carlton Seymour says:

Hello Mike

I am a bit confused. Is not basic wordpress blog completely free? Whats the
difference between the free version and this hostgator server version? Your
video is awesome!!! Thank You

noligirl1 says:

Thank you this was so helpful!

Drs. BruceKathy Martin says:

This was great – my only question now is – i have a second domain name i
want to attach to my gatorhost and i don’t know how

Man Chung Chong says:

Why I can’t find Template?

Randy Laskody says:

Thanks for the tutorial. I had a little trouble getting the contact me
email to route to my inbox. When using virtue template, the email setting
is under theme options, misc settings, contact form email.

Visaliaipa says:

I’m stuck….I love your tutorials and used them to set up my blog a couple
days ago. I did my first post but when I view the post there is no where
for a reader to leave a comment. I went and made sure all the comment
buttons were turned on and still nothing.

varsha nayak says:

Can you suggest me any Food blog theme !! 

Abul Khair says:

Thank you so much for upload this necessary video. I like it very much.

nikongirlsherry says:

Thank you for info (visual editor new name)

Natasha Sango says:

I went through your first steps, purchased my domain and successfully
loaded WP, however my website still cannot be found. I know on your
tutorial you said it could take up to 2 hours… it has been 8. What do I

Abe Prangishvili says:

Thank You ! 

Tanvir Hasan says:

This is really an excellent videos. I like this very much.

Markus Löwemo says:

i dont have plugin as an option in my version. dose it only come if you

MargaritaShamrakov says:

THank you!

Patricia Sihlanick says:

Thank you so much for you info. I need to create and Ecommerce
section. Would you show me how. 

hector villasano says:

so your saying that in order to start with word press you have to pay that

Geraldine ramirez says:

thank you. you explain this so well. 

alexei710 says:

Thank you for tutorial. I will wait more new tutorials.

Joseph Chidwala says:

Having followed each and every step i hace created my first blog, but i
wanted to know how i would remove the coments section on my post and the
date as well as the author in every post so that it doesnt appear

stranger0001 says:

I am not good at creating websites. Your tutorials are very helpful.
Amazing … Thank you.

Emran Mostafa says:

Hi there, I loved your tutorials, they are very nice. Your tutorials covers
almost everything. Keep up the Good Work!!! TY

SAlman Khan says:

Your tutorials are amazing.
Please keep up the good work!

LDS911 says:

Is this site dynamic, like your Joomla sites? ( Will it be good on most

David Muradyan says:

i just want to thank you for taking the time to do this i was recently
released from federal prison and couldnt find a job anywhere, thanks to you
i now have more work then i can manage, thank you again, i do have a few
questions id like to ask you about a project im working on please email me
if possible at, im working on a site which connects
sick patients to help them get through their current situation. thanks
again bro

Richard Husarčík says:

Nice video thank you very much 🙂 I would like to use my blog page also
with some gallery or there any plugin you recommended? or
have some other tips for me? thanks for respond

Joseph Chidwala says:

Is there any new video on how to create a Joomla website? i created a
website straight through your tutorials and it was great

Anne B says:

thank you so much for All your tutorials. I’ve already done the joomla one
and now this one abour WordPress. I’n always witing for your blog, your
details and your clarity speaking is super and offers me all I need to
improve in webdesign CMS, thank you so much. Ana ( sorry for my english,
i’m french)

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