How to Build a Blog in Less than 4 Minutes and Write Your First Blog Post

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Today, I’ll take you (rather swiftly) through how to setup your first WordPress blog, in less than 4 minutes. I’ll also show you how to change the WordPress theme, and publish your first blog post, with a picture included.

I use for my web-hosting and domain services, however there are many others out there with the same capabilities that you may use if you choose to do so.

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-Pat Flynn


Arif Hossain says:

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Gladius OFFICIAL says:

Pat, I already have web domain & hosting through GoDaddy–how can I go
about setting up a blog on my existing site (that has the necessary
flexibility and features) ?

Lorraine Williams says:

Hi Pat,

Can you explain more about the $4.17/month in extras that are selected by
default by Bluehost? I went there expecting the price you said in this
video, but it ended up higher because of the defaults, so I bailed.

Einstein Wallah says:

I want to create a blog which will use a lot of mathematical formulas …
also I am Indian (as from India) and I want to create another blog in which
I can write in Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, etc … are
there any themes/plugins/addons which can make writing mathematical
formulas or Indian languages easier?

Chen Ruby says:

Thank you for sharing this! you are so amazing!

Alma Zica says:

I had to turn off at 2:10 minutes because of the constant repetition of
“I’ll teach you in four minutes” on and on and on, and yet not starting. I
really lost my patience and wouldn’t go on because I can’t hear that
sentence for the tenth time! Very annoying. Why can’t he get to the point
after a BRIEF introduction?!

Juan Orellana says:

Practical, easy-to-do, and fun to do.
Thanks a lot Pat.

911inzidejob83 says:

This guy made $23,000 in one month off this video and the product he’s
hawking because you people are morons. WHO would buy this?

mohamadzen hipni says:
srlkngl says:

i want to thank you for all the helpful information you share…your
generosity..i’m nowhere near the first step i appreciate your work….from
a fan…

WaIter White says:

Bluehost’s shared servers are crap if you have a decent amount of traffic.
I use Host Gator and my site has never crashed! Sign up to and get 25% OFF with promo code: ONEWHOKNOCKS

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners says:

+Jayden Huygen try SMARTHOST25 coupon code for – last time I
tried it was 25% discount.

younobleview7 says:

Hi Pat,
I really liked this video, and I really found it very useful and most of
all, inspiring!
Your natural laid-back style is very soothing and encouraging. Thanks for
your contribution to a more positive life! Cheers!

racer4314 says:

so a blog is a site where you pay to put yuor thoughts online???

nunayerdangbiznez says:

With bluehost can you set up cron jobs? And do they have 24 hour PHONE
support or just email or chat support? The reason I have been using godaddy
is because of their excellent support; but yeah, their prices are higher.

Ryan Finchum says:

this video needs some serious updating…can you please update it?

Lin Zhao says:

Thanks sharing…

Nani Infopeer says:

Pat awesome demonstration of the blog setup, can you let me know what
software is used for video creation

MoneyUrge says:

Awesome video pat! Thank you for helping all of us!

me still me says:

they bill monthly at that price? or thats the breakdown? Thanks!

zockedi warholian says:

I like this – simple, practical instructions so you can just get on with
it! I’m still learning about blogging and I refuse to pay for courses on
blogging when there’s so many great free resources. Great Youtube videos
like this one, then there’s Blog Bods and Problogger. There’s a load of
free info, just has taken me time to find the good sites that don’t charge
you to learn how to make money. I mean…money’s the very thing I don’t
have! (That’s why I want to blog…so don’t charge me for it!)

Adam Finan says:

Nice work Pat, I use Hostgator and Go-Daddy and when I buy a domain with
Go-Daddy it takes up to 48 hours for the nameservers to change to Hostgator
so I can not get in and build straight away…

Gabe Browne says:

Thanks for this. I found it a great help.

Darrell Daniels says:

+FMOT @Keep_HerLeakn

Solomon Matheson says:

.Solomon Matheson Great video! It’s always harder trying to figure out this
stuff by yourself, but seeing the steps through the video, gives you the
incentive to get going… As they say..Awesome..

MyWorkAtHomeVentures says:

Have you tried Atahualpa theme? It is extremely customizable and one that I
use for most of my sites. And it’s free!

4cornerorganize says:

PAT, this is simple easy and effective. THANKS

Stephen Smith says:

Pat, you’re awesome!

me still me says:

u would be able to transfer ur domain to their hosting easily

Leila66469 says:

Pat, was thrilled to find your guide to setting up a WordPress site but
unfortunately it may be out of date now? I am on the Software/Services
section now trying to set it up after paying for a hosting package and
domain and cannot find a WordPress choice on here. Can you offer some
direction? Thanks so much!

Gary Huynh says:

@Openpress – You’ll find this marketing ploy used by most hosting
companies, even Hostgator. It’s the norm.

Dalton Warrick says:

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users. WP experts agree that it’s the most comprehensive wordpress package
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Craig Thigpen says:

Pat, I highly recommend 1password to enter registration and credit card
info. Saves you tons of time!!

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