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This tutorial will show you how to make a blog using free wordpress software. Even if you’re a wordpress beginner you’ll find this video easy to follow and you’ll be blogging in next to no time.

A great blog can be a gateway for making money, a source of inspiration, creativity or a means to express yourself to the world.

Maybe you want to dedicate your blog to Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, or teach how to dance gangnam style. Perhaps you want to share your collection of funny videos of cats, your best moments of 2012, or how to play minecraft. All of this and more is possible with a wordpress blog.

Using wordpress to design and customize blogs is straightforward. WordPress is completely free web software that was created as a blogging tool. It was developed by hundreds of community volunteers and has an extensive range of plugins, widgets, themes and other options to transform your blog into almost anything you desire. Over 60 million people have selected wordpress to build websites and blogspots, testament to the success of this high quality program.

Purchasing a domain name is the only cost you’ll incur and it’s great value for money. I recommend Hostgater to host the blog you’re creating. Hostgater will ensure your content is in safe hands. They provide customer support 24 hours, 7 days a week. So, help is always there when you have problems. If your blog or website goes down, or there is a security issue, these guys know what to do.

Right click the link just under this video to open Hostgator in a new tab. Here, select the baby plan in the middle of the window. This gives you unlimited domains for under 10 dollars a month, making it so cheap. Once you select order now, you can enter the name of the domain. When your domain has been confirmed you can move onto step 2 and choose a username and enter your payment details and an email address. Once your account is created, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for a confirmation email.

When you have received the email from Hostgator, click on the link to c panel, to install the software for wordpress. Simply enter your username and password to access c panel. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the icons; these are just the various tools available. Look for a program called fantastico deluxe under software/services and find wordpress under the blogs tab on the left hand toolbar. Select new installation and the domain of the blog you chose will be displayed.

Now you can see the wordpress dashboard. This is where you are going to make all the edits to your blog. It’s very easy to do and simple to navigate. Everything you need is on the left panel. For a broad overview of what’s going on, go to settings and choose general.

This is where you can change your blog name, update your blog and see the domain name.
You can then go to appearance and themes. Here you can create the look and feel of your blog, as well as the function of the site. Click on install themes and here you can drill down on the different types of layouts such as colors, plugins, side bars and so forth.

You can search and preview different themes to get ideas for your blog. After you make your choice of template, you can preview it and see the layout.

Now you can add and edit posts to your blog from the dashboard. You can copy and paste from a word document, or type directly onto the blog space. Then add a title and category for your blog entry, this is an easy way to stay organized and tidy. The next step is to click publish. Now your first post as a blogger is complete. You can view the post in a new tab and see how good it looks. Every time you make a new post, it’s going to be the freshest content for you blog.

It’s also easy to clean up your domain name so that it shows as the title of your blog post. Go to setting and select permalinks, then choose the option to change it to post name and save the changes.

To customize wordpress you can check out the widget options and create your own style. You can add all sorts of functions, like a calendar, and select how to display the widget. You can add and remove items as needed. If you want to add a picture or show a picture it’s easy. Simply go back to all posts, select a post to edit and place the cursor in the position where you want the picture to show. Then select the camera icon to add media, select files, and choose the image you want to add, open and insert. It’s that easy.

As you can see, a blog is easy to make using wordpress. You have plenty of free templates, it is great fun, easy to customize and there are more and more themes and widgets being developed all the time. Please share this wordpress tutorial on your facebook page and watch my other educational videos more detailed information on blogging, websites and wordpress.


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Thanks so much James. I have always loved writing and think it’s time that
I start a blog. I am unfamiliar with setting up a website, but your
instructions were user friendly. I think I might take a stab at it!!!

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Thanks for the vid man! I was looking to start my own blog for a while now.
Does anyone know where i can get some cheap webhosting?

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how does having an ads in your blog works?

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definitely something i want to do, great tutorial, I heard that WordPress
was harder to use than blogger because you need to use HTML, which is
unknown to me at present (dont even know what it is yet) but you make it
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