How to Install WordPress | How to Make a Blog

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This video will teach you how to install wordpress. This is the first of 10 in a video series on “how to make a blog”.

WordPress blogs offer so many benefits but the most important benefit is that they are search engine friendly. Google loves wordpress blogs!

To host your own blog you will require a domain and hosting. I highly recommend Godaddy. You may purchase your domain through my affiliate link here (if you purchase through my affiliate link, I will get paid a small commission. thank you) or purchase your domain directly through GoDaddy here

Posted by: Christine McIvor


Dalton Ventura says:

Thank you so much Christine.

redline121 says:

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Savvy Tasking says:

Thank you for your video and explanation. It helped to look at what you
were explaning and you conducted it well. I am experiencing quite the
learning curve with websites, blogs, SEO’s, free vs pay for, where and what
and when about pretty much everything. But, the area of most confusion is
website domain stuff. I am going to continue watching your video’s to see
if I can find additional info, but if you happen to read over these
comments, maybe you can offer some clarity on, for instance, if I have a
website hosted through, let’s say WIX, due to ease (or so they say) of
building a website, and WIX being where I purchased my domain name,
therefore, currently hosting my business website there, how do I connect a
domain from somewhere like if I begin a blog? How in the world
does all the domain names, domain hosts, and combination of different
websites, blogs, etc., end up meshing together? I hesitate to keep giving
money for a domain name, host, and website, or whatever only to realize I
have no idea how to pull it all together. (which keeps happening to me)
Anyway, that is my question.. :)

Vicky Ji says:

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shreymarwah1991 says:

This is the best training video! you rock! and i would also like to know
that how can i setup google adsense and earn revenue by making a wordpress

NVLUTZ007 says:

@kyle44422 There are certain “themes” and plug-ins you can download to your
wordpress to help you customize your wordpress site to allow you additional
features like that.

MrCharlotteInspector says:

Thank You Christine, Great Info

Moe Bedard says:

good video, you make an essential point that blogging can be essential to a
business. On my channel I have a video called How to Auto Install WordPress
(HD) where I show you step by step how to install WordPress, and then
another short video called WordPress: A Designer’s First Step. My other
videos like How To Create An Author Box In WordPress and What is a
Wordpress Plugin? show several ways in which you could make blogging a
whole lot easier.

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Aycardo10 says:

thank you so much

ericalcc says:

useful video,thank you

sparticus65 says:

Fab, thankyou so much Christine, your wonderful!

jcasalssr1 says:

Great info, Thanks for your time and easy way to understand your message.
Gracias. Mr Puma

83dblaze says:

very helpful . thank you

Tatiana Duarte says:

Thanks for the vid! Just got myself a domain name 🙂

Hayward Williams IV says:


Aaron Barnes says:

Thanks so much for helping a newbie.

pedros19801 says:

your fit!x

MegaDavid9090 says:

hmm nice video and thank you so so much for speaking slow 😀

Larry Lafferty says:

@MomentsExposedPhot if this is the first of 10 videos on how to make a blog
where do I find the rest of them.

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BobbySoFamous says:

Thanks, things have changed on godaddy but I was able to get it 🙂

raydom78 says:

Thanks Chris.. ur tutorial is easy to follow through

zbyh1980 says:

it was very helpful, thank you.

beautyproductshome says:

very helpful info . thank you.

Dustin Saiidi says:

Hi, I like the video, didn’t see the affiliate link. I wanted to hook you

Christy Vachon says:

Thuis was just what I needed to start a blog. I love how you go step s step
for newbies like me.


can i upload videos from my computer?

jaqmolloy says:

This is very informative 🙂 However I have my domain with easyDNS and they
don’t do hosting. I was wondering if i can still use wordpress with it…
can anyone direct me to a video or help

LordHamlet99 says:

Thanks, that was very clear, helpful and encouraging. I have already taken
the steps you walked through and it was a piece of cake (thanks to you!)

prajwalshinde says:

Great video. I have also tried creating a video on how to create a
WordPress blog with BlueHost.

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Cristi Chivu says:

Thank You very much!

Umapathy Manohar says:

Very Good info, Thank you Christine

TrocTitan2014 says:

Okay, so I already have a sort of blog site, I use Tumblr. It can have some
x rated content, but I do like it because Tumblr is simple, and is mainly
to repost pictures of your interests. I just downloaded wordpress and I
REALLY would like to get it well developed and “Out” there. Nice video! 🙂

mindtastical101 says:

were not gona spend 1,000 dollers to get a linux computer dumbass

Emily Hawkins says:

Love her honesty (*_*)

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Madhusudhanan Soundararajan says:

Its very useful for a starter like me….

hsuson says:

Thank you so much.

Jam Magazine says:

Nice job. Very helpful.

TJ Moynihan says:

Thank you.

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Ben Clarkson says:

Thanks Christine… all the way from London!

Leo Ahrens says:

Hey what is the link to the next video in the series? It’s been really

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