How To Make a Blog – Step by Step for Beginners!

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Learn how to create a blog step by step for beginners! In this video I show you how to make a blog website using the same technology as fortune 500 companies. This will show you how to make a wordpress blog from scratch!

This will show you how to learn to blog and how to make money with the blog.

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Mohamed Ali says:

its charging me $70 an year

Carlo Superiano says:

hi tyler, this is so helpful i was able to set up my blog…i have a
question on facebook like box i followed your instruction but when i tried
to view my blog it only shows the the tile Join me on facebook and there is
a blank space under it but no phot image of my facebook friends..please
help me on this..thanks a lot

AmazingVedios says:

Hey Tyler ,is it possible to create a video on How to create a Login page
and how to manage the same

Live B. Ulfsby says:

the post thumbnail doesn’t work for me. When I’m supposed the slider
thumbnail it doesnt show up. Only “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large”,
“post-thumbnail” and “featured” show up. What do I do to get the “slider”
one to show up too? 

Luke Armandt says:

do i have to buy the pro version to get the featured slider option? Awesome
detailed video thanks a bunch for that!

Monica Ruiz says:

Tyler, please advice. I don’t see the featured slider option in the drop
down menu under “appearance” What should I do?
thanks in advance

Kuomi KG says:

Is it possible/legal to add linkbucks or adsense to any “blog creator”
without having to struggle with the codes?

Aaron Dunlap says:

i have the version before 4… and I am not seeing any slider options or
anything like what you have here 

Tammy Rowland says:

I mean dude 

Laura Forconi says:

What would it take for you to help me to put ads for my two new business
on free google, or could you help me how to generate money from advertise
or bloggers. My fealds are, Nutrition, Cooking, Venetian
Stucco. Hope you can offer me your expert input, thank you,

Effy Xcite says:

Love this tutorial, very engaging and easy to follow! Im a complete newbie
to it all and finally now have the courage to do it. Can you explain what
bloglovin is ? some successful bloggers I follow seem use it, but it seems
very similar to WordPress – are the two related, is it a host ??

henry muli says:

this is the best tutorial ever. I want to start earning online using Google
ad sense and was looking for a tutorial that will shade a light on how I
cold do this. You have just answered all my questions. Thanks

Rita Berman says:

Do you have code to buy this theme? 

Rosendo Vazquez says:

I’m a musician and have some tunes that I’s like to upload to any of the
platforms such as YouTube, Twitter or the Cloud but would like to create a
Web page and upload my music. I need some direction on this area, and need
to know if i need a bar code or any kind of licences to upload my material.

Carmen Doerr says:

It’s one of the best You Tube for beginners that I’ve seen. It’s exactly
what I’ve been looking for. I think it would be a great asset if the
instructions were also written for reference!

jasmine Suarez says:

I have none of the options listed as i am creating a blog for my
university’s program through edublogs (wordpress site) How would I install
additional themes?

TheRealHairMaven says:

I have been glued to this video for 2 days almost, mainly because of theme
color setup. Your vid is awesome and simple. There were a couple things
that I got locked up on that viewed differnetly for me for instance mt “add
new” plugins would not work so still trying to figure that out although
right now not too concerned with the social share also had issue with Mail
Chimp. It doesn’t ask me to create a code, but there is a code that is
automatically generated but does not work when I paste it in. Oh well I got
so much more out of this video that was valuable and helpful to me. If I
can’t figure out the rest I may have to see what you have in line of
assistance. #timeconsuming#worthit#thanksforsharing

SophistiqueMuseMarie says:

You are awesome, I have created my website/blog, thank you so much!!

Bermuda Bay says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial! Gave me confidence to move forward!

Samuel Weasley says:

Hi, I have a little doubt about the web hosting, I don’t live in the United
States so will it be all right for me to use ?

skye worden says:

I’ve watched a lot of your videos and they are amazing! You have a way of
showing this in the easiest way to understand! Thank you for all of your

Ann Ferguson says:

This was fantastic. I knew absolutely nothing about how to start a blog.
I have a great looking site now, and feel like I have the knowledge to
make this a successful endeavor. 

KidzPartyPrintables Custom Party Invitations says:

Maybe I missed it but what blogger platform are you using? ty 🙂 

Diana Emmanuel Casalis says:

Thank you so much for this videooo!

basil khan says:

This is extremely detailed thank you, it’s a great video
you just got yourself another sub ;)

angel21or says:

Hi Tyler, Great video. Thank you for taking the time to make it. I have a
question. Is there a website where we can create or have someone create a
logo?? Or do you have a video on how to make your own logo? Thank you. 

Cathy Sage says:

Tyler I’m just finding this video, and you’ve manage to make something very
understandable as well as doable! I am excited to get started, but I did
have one glitch. When I purchased my domain name, I missed the step that I
had to redirect to hostgator using the 1st & 2nd nameservers. I was able
to get it straight using the very helpful folks at HG, and on Labor Day,
too! Thanks to you all, and hope your LD was a good one!

moun3imful says:

thank you sir for the amazingly helpfull website ! i have followed every
step you mentionned i even used the yougator25 coupon but it is not costing
me under 25 dollars, it is costing 70 dollars there is this addons hosting
thing that’s almost an extra 50 dollars , i’d appreciate your help !

hamady mshalaba says:

thanks man

kurt smith says:

When people subscribe to your list, what do you send them? 

VJ Shordee says:

I liked your video, but got to the MailChimp part. I signed up for
MailChimp but there are no lists setup so I have to try and figure out how
to set up lists. I’m banging my head at the moment. Also my YouTube
doesn’t work at all, I have tried everything under the sun to fix that part
for days now, its just tells me its an invalid request. I haven’t tried
standing on my head yet, but coming close. LMAO I have a mishmash
configured blog. I have a photo that I cannot figure out how to fix. I
had to delete most of my social media buttons a few times when I realized
they were taking ppl right to my personal information. Oh dear god and 10
years ago I was doing Java and C++ coding LOL oh how one forgets when you
are not doing it. Not quite a week in. 

Dennis Del Toro says:

Hey Tyler, Great Video! Def learned a lot and looking forward to getting
started! What are you using to be able to record your computer screen?

Monica Ruiz says:

After 3 hours I can’t access the blog, any ideas what went wrong? I already
had a host gator account and I used the add-on feature to add the new
domain and I followed all the steps you indicated. Please any advice –
thanks in advance 

Auxtek Kaz says:

do you have any video and how to make a website for real estate services
please advice if you do thanks

aa reb says:

great video. i just wanted to know if the hosting addons found on the
hostgator site should be added when creating the site. cos it shoots the
cost up. thanks

Lynda Sirk says:

I really like your tutorial. My problem is that I cant find the theme you
use so I am struggling to get started. Can you help me?


Natalie S. says:

Thank you so much for making this video, it really helped me! Is there a
way I can change the font or colors in the theme?

Roderick McSwan says:

Hello +Tyler Moore I watched your video for the full 1 hour, 1 and a half
minutes and found it to be very informative. Unlike most of your other
viewers I’ll need to watch it again and even watch some other video’s on
this subject as I haven’t had any prior experience at putting together a
blog before. You have an easy on the ear voice and so that made watching
your video a bonus. I am subscribed to your channel and will watch for more
video’s by you in the near future, thank you.

TimVStudios says:

I have a question. I bought a site adress and hosting about 8 hours ago,
but my site is still offline. What do I do now? HostGator says that my site
is active. I have tried multible browsers but nothing works… Please help

Kathy Kraydich says:

How do you obtain ads to post? 

jjgirl127 says:

Hey Tyler! For some weird reason, when I go to appearance, It does not give
me the option to install a featured slider into my blog home page. Any
reason as to why that might be?

Bill Harris says:

Very easy to follow and set up my first wordpress blog, Thank you.

Bob Albury says:

I’ve been struggling to learn how to make a blog site. I found this the
most helpful information on the internet.
Thank you.

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