How to Make a WordPress Website and Blog – PROFESSIONAL!

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In this video, I show you how to make a website using WordPress from start to finish and do not skip any steps whatsoever. I also show you how to make a blog. The website you’ll learn how to create is extremely professional and uses the amazing Customizr WordPress theme. I’m going to cover a lot of ground with this video but even as a complete beginner, you will be able to follow along and make an awesome website!

Things covered in this video include:
– Setting up a domain name and hosting account with
– Getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
– Installing WordPress
– Installing a free, professional WordPress theme called Customizr
– Customizing theme settings
– Creating pages and using the WordPress visual editor
– Creating navigation menus
– Setting up a professional looking slide show and featured pages on the home page
– Using a free stock photo website
– Using a free online application to re-size your images
– Linking social media pages to your site
– Adding social media sharing functionality to your pages and blog posts
– Using WordPress plugins
– Enhancing your site with free, professional Google Web Fonts
– Creating a contact form
– Setting up and organizing a blog
– Creating amazing image galleries
– Using widgets and sidebar layouts
– Creating a custom logo with free online tools
– Basic WordPress settings and more

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wpSculptor says:

+Erica Ianni Hi Erica, it sounds like the code you added to your widget
area or the code you used for analytics is somehow conflicting with the
theme’s code to display your widget areas. I would troubleshoot the issue
by removing the code you added one at a time to see what the culprit is.
When you find it, I would reexamine the code and make sure you had it
copied exactly or try to find a way to accomplish the same thing using a
different code or method.

wpSculptor says:

+Neha Raman Hey Neha, check out this plugin to use in addition to contact
form 7.

It should make it where you can add your contact form as a widget to your
footer widget area. 

wpSculptor says:

+Margaret Fernandez Not sure Margaret, maybe it is just your web browser, I
would try a different one.

Vicky Sandhu says:

i’m useing my wordpress site and now its too old,,,how can i change my
theme without lossing any data can u help me with that?

TheHolyReality says:

I started learning this stuff about web development few weeks ago (I main
at C family languages).I learned html,css,javascript and im looking into
jquerry,php… I could not help myself but to explicitly ask : Why would
one learn all those things (which are anoying to say at least because they
are not `unified` into one , lets call it (altho it is not) , universal
IDE) when you have things like wordpress. I mean it turns up that one is
idiot for typing code for months to make epic website while someone else
can make it in 1.5 week(s)?Is this even true? Is it all about taste? Which
way someone likes to make a website or it has some more technical
differences(more freedom to customize , observe and track events on your
website if you choose hard coding way (at least I imagine it that way)). Is
this the case of “why would I build bicycle from parts if my friend is
offering me his bicycle for free” ? Please someone clarify me these kind of
stuff. Thanks in advance.

Ray Waller says:

That was fun Thank you.

MrVivorico says:

hi, i have my own domain right now, but it’s now used for my portfolio.
My question is can I merge them together? (portfolio and wordpress) or i
need to buy a new domain?

mohnjorrow says:

Does this video apply to someone that has 0 experience coding or building

Martin Bassett says:

Very good instruction. I have virtually no I T skills and followed this
video to create my own pro looking website. Thank you!

Keith Keenan says:

Thanks to this great video that you made, I was able to build my site while
really enjoying the process!
However, my site is published with a bunch of little “Edit” buttons on the
pages and I can’t figure out how to remove them??

Argha DeySarkar says:

Awesome video for beginners. 

saurabh chharia says:

Really awesome..Learned a lot and implemented as well in my own site..Thank
You so Much..God bless you.

Valerine Conerly says:

Thank you very much for this video and others. I’m surprised at how much I
could do by following along with your video. Thank you very much. I got
most of my site up and running but i’m watching again to fix some small
things.. Very helpful for someone with no prior knowledge of these things.

Animate TheIdea says:

Hi Josh, great work you are doing… olease help… i tried to instal
upgrated human theme but Theme instalation failed…. with
explanations:Destination folder already exists.
/home3/xxxxxxxx(hiden)xxxxxxl/wp-content/themes/hueman/. Can you help with
an idea?, Thanks!

Chernobieff Piano says:

Very informative. Enjoyed it!

itvsai says:

Can I translate your video to Arabic language , and thank you so much for
all your greet videos

Rick Winrow says:

Thank You For this I have never set a website blog up before I spent some
time building it and the help of this video thank you

Jesus Escobar says:

Great tutorial. THANKS

Erica Walsh says:

thanks josh

ulysses lewis says:

this is truly a wonderful video, there are some very basic steps that you
would have a very difficult time figuring out on your own this video is
truly step by step and I highly suggest anyone interested in learning WP
look this site over first.

BloomClubAJ says:

Around 2 hour, another video I watch tell everything, I was a fast learner,
I keep skipping some part of the video, and it only take like 30 minutes,
then i’m done, I watch other video that really simple! Thanks for those
information I already know most!

Lazaro Coronel says:

Thanks for the reply Josh. Your tutorials are awesome and I highly
recommend them.

Tina Robertson says:

Hello again wpSulptor, I actually got through my last issue it seems that
the system was just taking some time to load so after going out and coming
back in a little while later it was working just fine. However, my second
issue is not so easy. I am stuck at the adding the image gallery? When I
choose the photos, and pick the square tile format, and hit enter nothing
happens. They don’t seem to load. Even after i hit update they do not show
up. Not in the edit area or on the blog page itself. My feature image
loaded just fine. But I can not seem to get the Gallery images to Load any
suggestions ?

Aniave S. says:

You and your video is a godsend. Thank You!!!!

Vjenceslava Kosanovic says:

Thank you very much for this very good and helpful video, especially for
people who are amateurs in this field like myself

Bjørn Espen Fagerheim says:

Great tutorial, I learned a lot from this :)

jesus aguirre says:

Thanks for making this video, I like that its full of tips of other
webtools we can use.
If you are thinking of making another tutorial, may I suggest an
intermidiate or advance one, since the internet is full of beginner

Paroma Chowdhury says:

You saved my life!!! I had no idea what I was getting in to and your video
saved me!!! Thank you so much! The video was so clear and helped me jump
leaps and bounds within a day!!! Thank you Thank you!!! 🙂 

Mr. Excellent Spirit says:

this is wonderful!

Adi sgu says:

can you please creat real estate website on wordpress

spiritual Four says:

thank you so much


Hi Josh, thank you for your reply.
Do you know if I can change the website name to a picture file? In the case
of your demo, it would be to change “Antique Automobiles” to a
picture/logo. Since we have special design of the name, I’m not able to use
the font and size to display it.
thank you!

Ree Jiang says:

here is a warning message I got.
what does this mean?

Warning: Missing argument 1 for get_post(), called in
on line 193 and defined in
/home/content/g/c/a/gcapone/html/apicscuva/wp-includes/post.php on line 371

Michelle Campbell says:

I LOVE YOU MAN! :o) Thank you for breaking this all down. I am literally
a person who knew nothing about this stuff last week. Talk about biting off
more than I can chew! LOL Your informational video’s here are a gift.
Thank You! :o)

christine carr says:

Hi! I have hosting through godaddy. Ive tried to create a website through
wordpress but have been directed to Cherry Options. Their tutorials are
directed towards techs – not user friendly at all. Any suggestions? I’m
williing to switch to hostgator, but don’t think its a godaddy issue.

Sasa Makic says:

Hello, is it possible to change background color, or add an image as a
background on Customizr? I’m not so good with codes, so is there a easier
way to change it? And can I change text below footer that says Designed
by… into something else? Thanks in advance!

Jim Zweers says:

Incredibly informative! Thanks a bunch for posting this.

macharia victor says:

This is awesome wpSculptor!!! Thanks!!!
What would YouTube be without you.

Scott Nissen says:

How do I get rid of the word blog on the blog page?
the one that in gray in the middle?

DangerousDaveKincaid says:

Thanks so much for this very informative video. I ran and re-ran this so
many times I probably have it memorized. I am going to review your other
videos to get more knowledge as far as doing more with my web site. Now I
need to go back and pick photo’s and the hard part, writing the text to
describe the business and polish things up. Also had to lean about
facebook, twitter, linkedin and google +

ruth kaveke says:

An informative tutorial glad you shared

Olif Wojciechowski, ND says:

How do I get my most recent blog to display on both my homepage and my blog
page? I can do each separately, but I can’t do both together. Is this not

Ronni G says:

Is there a way to assign your posts to one of the three featured pages at
the bottom of your home page and have the newest post at the top of each
page? Or do I have to add categories in the sidebar? I would find it
frustrating as a subscribers to have three locations on the home page that
appear to be different links but to have them all lead to the same
page. I’m learning so much from this video!!! lol thanks so much for all
your expertise! 

Lavon Figueroa says:

Hi Does the coupon code still work? I put it in and it didn’t work. 🙂
Thanks for the video BTW.

Lazaro Coronel says:

wpsculptor, does the jet pack feature only work on blog/post pages?

Brown Group Solutions, LLC says:

Awesome video. Thanks so much. Your detailed explanations helped me solve
a few problems on another WP Theme. Great work.

Add Herre says:

Hi, I followed your steps but I can’t get the Customz theme. I activated
Twenty Thirteen and that’s it. It doesn’t even come with many pages. It
looks more like a blog. How do I find Customizr? 

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