How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

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How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress. If you have been using blogger for quite some time then you might be terrified to make the switch to wordpress.

Will all of my content transfer over? Will my posts disappear?

I promise you that we will show you how to transfer your site from blogger to wordpress and you won’t lose a thing. I bet once you watch this and actually do it, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

It’s THAT easy.


ShammySugar says:

how come the permalink isnt there anymore? please help!

Kate Spilker says:

Thanks a ton Jeff! If only I could pick your brain 24/7.

Ali Xiong says:

Thx u guys are awesome!

TheSkoolTeacher says:

Once I go through all these steps and am all set up on WordPress, what
happens on Blogger? Will people visiting my old site be redirected to
WordPress, or will it just become an unused site? For instance, if someone
comes across an old Blogger link on Facebook, will it redirect them to my
new site, be a dead link, or will it at least still take them to Blogger?

Marina Klima Goldberg says:

very helpful, thank you

Rita Kirkenes says:

I`m new to all this so I`m really grateful for this tut! TFS.. 😀

daydreamer. says:

Did you ever find the answers to these questions–they’re exactly the same
questions that I have. That and if the comments will transfer, as well.

TheSkoolTeacher says:

Oh, and all your comments will transfer too! Good luck!

BuyDestinRealEstate says:

Great info Jeff. I have a couple of blogger blogs, but most on WordPress.
Will have to switch them over.

Dinosaurprince says:

What happens to your blogger blog when you do this?

Vitoria Castro says:

That’s a great sequence of instructional videos. You’ve explaining in
detail. Very Good Jeff! Vitoria

TheSkoolTeacher says:

I made the transfer months ago, and here’s what I discovered: My Blogger
site is still up even though I no longer use it. People visiting my old
site will not be redirected to WordPress. I added a new entry on my old
blog that has a huge link to my new blog in case anyone stumbles onto my
old site. If someone comes across an old Blogger link on Facebook, it will
not redirect them to my new site, but instead, take them to my old site.
Update that entry with a link to your new site for stumblers.

Tommy Walker says:

Thank you for this. I will refer this video to anyone who needs it!

Karriann Graf says:

So many people need this video! Thanks for sharing.

Spice UK Movies says:

Great info, and really well presented, thank you very much – great to see
what you look like too!

Ben Russell says:

Thankyou so much! You’ve helped me on something I was freaking out about!

Matt Glynn says:

Great help thanks.

Darin Simonson says:

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Katherines Corner says:

excellent tutorial! thank you

mikewattstv says:

Super helpful information. Thank you so much

Dana DeVolk says:

This is probably a really stupid question, but why would you want/need to
transfer your blog from blogger to wordpress? Are there some benefits there
I don’t know of? Is it free?

The Greenlight Coach says:

Constant Contact doesn’t have a plugin for WordPress yet, but once it does,
I’l be re-watching this to make the switch.

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Militia7 says:

This was great, I did it on my blog today. But the comments wont show when
I lick them. Is that a side effect of the import. Any thoughts? Im also
using thesis. Thanks for your feedback.

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