How to start a Blog – Beginners Guide

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Check out my blog post on how to start a blog –

A beginners guide to blogging from choosing a platform – Blogger or WordPress , deciding on a name and all about content! To see links to tutorials etc visit my blog!

Dont hate because I am sure you dont want to get hated on! Love you all though xx

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iheartcookie99 says:

omg a 9 minutes vid on how to star a blog…..

all yall need to do is start a blogspot or tumblr and blog
thats it

Maria Shy says:

I’m a beginning blogger and looking for other interesting beginning
bloggers.. Leave your blogger in a comment and I would love to check it

IAmEverythang says:

Do people still blog? Im not talking micro blogging sites or posts that
generate on other sites. Mines was started on which is
@Swaggtalk100 there were so many cool and interesting blogs, but there all
gone now. I try to uodate mines periodically, at its peak my blog received
1000 unique hits per day also the comments stayed coming it. If your out
there and not a spam site let me know. Out of all my blogs i used to follow
only 2 of them are left.

Molly May says:

I just started my YouTube channel and have holoaded my first ever video,
would love to know what you lot think

truereality84 says:

your beautiful! 

caroline singh says:

My blog is catscantalks world . blogspot . com and if anyone could give me
feedback on it I would really appreciate it 

crazypineapple8 says:

I have started a blog recently! Is there anyone who also has a blog and
would like to be blog “friends” with me? We could help each other get more
readers/followers and guest post on each other’s blogs? Just reply to this
comment if your are interested! Xxx 

Krysler Rose says:

I was just working on my blog today, I made it a coupe years ago, but I
never kept up with it. hopefully this time will be better. thanks for the

Claire Edwards says:

South African accent I hear?? Love Fromm fellow Cape Town viewer! Xoxo

Srinivasa char A V says:

thanks a lot for the tutorial about how to create a blog !

Tiffany Russell says:

just found your channel and absolutely love it!!! if you have time, i would
love to do a collab with you <3

Carlo Superiano says:

hi there can you please help on this, i put a facebook likebox on my
wordpress blog site however when I check it only shows the title Join me on
Facebook and there is a blank space under it..i followed all the tutorials
but it seems cant get it.can you please guide me on this..thanks

Megan Norman says:

Sweaty face and messy hair oh my god you look hideous.

Jessica Lee says:

Hi! Im have my own blog, bcause of my life is so plain, seems like there’s
no one interested with my blog. I actually wanted to be a fashion&lifestyle
blogger, share all my outfit,and my life. But i feel like quite weird that
i start my blog with fashion, cause i follow a lot of fashion blogger, they
usually start by blogging lifestyle, like schoollife.. and then they slowly
become famous, and only blog mostly about fashion. So what should i do? (As
i mention, i stay at home most of the time, and im still a student)

ab Productions says:

Your hair ain’t straight?
Hell my hair ain’t been that straight for *YEARS!*

Kaitlyn Jackson says:

Should i make all new accounts on facebook and twitter and instagram or
should i just use the ones i already have?

J. Chi says:

It’s totally free to get WordPress hosting from, but for
professional business or personal website, more stable, fast hosting should
be used like bluehost:

sage fullen says:

thanks soo much for posting this it really helped!!:)

claudia pritchard says:

u r my idle xxx

humblejumpify says:

The sun was made to shine on you

Hazel Kinvig-Paul says:

Great help for someone like me who finds the whole concept rather
daunting! TFS x

Cindy Sin says:

I started with Blogger but for some reason they did not approve my adsense
and I have NO idea why. No one replies to my emails, theres no answers….
How can I fix this or how and where can I get some answers?? 

Uma Richmond says:


claudia pritchard says:

tysm I want to be a blogger like zoella one day so if I do make it I will
thank you xxx

Sumon Bala says:

It is a highly good cancellation.

Loana Estrada says:

i have a question to be a beginner blogger do you ned to buy your own
domaine? asap

Wenelle Ho says:

to create your own layout / background design.. or when typing the
contents.. do you use html?? i don’t know how to use html… T^T

imane kitchen says:

youre hair are not missy its so freakin soft

ariana gray says:

your pretty

mafersita RS says:

heres my blog visit it and follow live a comment down below if you followed
i will check and if you did i will folow your blog if you want me to
subscribe to you do the same

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