Updated WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

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Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, WordPress.com.

Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration.

Become a blogger in less than and hour. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started.

Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy!

All of you have been asking me to update my step-by-step tutorial on how to use WordPress.com as a blogging platform — please check it out and please let me know what I have missed.


Zelma Petroski says:

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VolcanicDrum says:

Great Video! thank you!

Chris Abraham says:

@wkwithscottshimberg You’re surely welcome!

Chris Abraham says:

@MrHill760 You’re welcome!

jarvisdesigns says:

This video is amazing!!! Great speed by the way, I hate it when people
whizz through tutorials!

Rey Mendoza says:

Godaddy in my experienced is a nightmare, use moniker or any not godaddy
instead. More WordPress Videos at EasyWordpressMasteryDotCom

Chris Abraham says:

@melakellys You’re welcome!

Cam Version says:

Is it possible to insert HTML while in the visual mode of posting a blog?
For instance, if you want to post this tutorial in a wordpress blog without
uploading it on your wordpress site, how can you do it?

travisdaron says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. You are helping a lot of people with
just this one video. Can’t wait to subscribe to your channel and learn more
SEO stuff from you.

idealbusinessnow says:

Hey Chris, Thanks for all the help. I am up and running now and I have
recommended you to everyone. Can I ask how you can have a 50 minute YouTube
video? Cheers, Leonie

Lisa Moskaluk says:

If you register a domain name AFTER you already have subscribers to your
blog, do you need to tell them to re-subscribe by email, or will they just
automatically be re-directed to the new “wordpress-free” domain name?

21centuryg says:

How do i put a poll on my wordpress blog?

onutza2212 says:

Thank you for this video ! It was extremely useful ! I lasted through the
whole 51 minutes of it. 🙂 Seriously, I needed some information about
WordPress and blogging and you provided.

Chris Abraham says:

@MissShaina This is the best comment ever! 🙂

Liist says:

I just became Webmaster of a student organization and I’m taking over the
website. So far I have a WordPress account for the website, but apparently
if I want to do any fundamental changes, I need to use WordPress correct?
I’m going to watch this whole video and any tips will be appreciated.

roji barahi says:

I like it very much.

bubble4471 says:

The nasaly voice, heavy breathing, and listening to the host try and hide
taking giant gulps of fluid on occasion….gross. Make cue cards and have
your wife read it pleasantly next time.

earnestf says:

The audio is really good also. Which mic are you using?

FultonCoChamberNY says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH….very helpful!

TheVenusRising says:

Thank you so much for this vid. Your slow pace is exactly what I needed. It
seems many other breeze through this and overlook a lot of things. I did
have one question, the “tag” section doesn’t automatically choose tags like
you said, I have to put the words in myself. Am I doing something wrong, or
has this option changed? Thank you!

arnst19 says:

Nice info. That being said, considering you have 800 videos, you should of
realized by this point that we can hear every swallow, licking of licks,
saliva etc, which is extremely annoying. Also as someone else said, the
tutorial could be literally 50% shorter- you would get more views this way.

Jadma Mesquita says:

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create a Blog: contatojadma@gmail.com)

Chris Abraham says:

@21centuryg If you search the plugins for “poll” it is pretty easy.

michaelcorelone says:

@chrisabraham It is a Excellent video. In this , materialistic world no
body gives anything free of cost, even saints have their agenda. Thanks for
delivering it Free of cost!!

Chris Abraham says:

@HowToUseWordPress I appreciate it!

Kelly Smith says:

I appreciate the longer tutorial, slow or not, it really helped me! I am
new to blogging and all of this, so thanks for helping me get my blog up
and running!

HackerzInc says:

@ianrena1 lol!!

latonjaed says:

Wow, the nerve of some people….thank you so much for this absolutely free
educational training tutorial…again thank you so much.

thetacticalaffiliate says:

Awesome tutorial, man. Plus u sound like Bullwinkel from The Rocky and
Bullwinkel show. Hehehe…very nice. Keep it up and coming

Derrick Thorington says:

@kaside56 good looking headlines is a very difficult task unless you are an
expert in graphics design and lets face it not many of us are…don’t worry
though because this simple WP Plugin now makes creating graphical headlines
a very easy task: just visit: ==> /watch?v=idXmFSJKn-o <===

Gwen Rucker says:

Hi Chris, This is a great video for wordpress. However, I need some help to
make a website. I think I’m almost there. However, since you live on hill.
I was hoping you would consult to a fellow neighbor for a couple of hours
or a set fee. Whatever works for you. my email address is msglrckr@aol.com.
Thanks Gwen

mihavens says:

I was glued to the screen! Wonderful, very low-key and helpful. – And that
is from an early baby-boomer! Thank you so much!

Greg Steiner says:

This could have been done a lot faster with screen captures (like
captivate)rather than the full video. Please edit, remove the lags, delays.
Life is short, keep it tight.

liang8231 says:

WordPress is the best for blogging software. There are many useful plugin

Michael Devine says:

Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

saijai587 says:

Thank you for tutorial about how to blog by wordpress. I like this software
very much

William Clark says:

Great tutorial! Really detailed process, it will help a lot of blog
beginners. As a beginner in blogging I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a
good hosting. I recommend Bluehost: bluehost.com/track/johnhostaff, I had
the best experience by far with them!

coldsteel404 says:

Awesome tutorial, however I’d love to see a 2X speed version of this :S
Also, add that it doesn’t work on internet explorer, it does on firefox

Ask Shaneequa Monique says:

I want to thank you Chris for making this video because some of us Internet
marketing professionals don’t want to spend money on something we can learn
to do ourselves! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

Spook SEO says:

Some people might wonder why do they have to learn how to blog. Well, this
is simply because blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money. If you
are a knowledgeable SEO marketer, you will surely know what is the
importance of blogging and using AdSense and Clickbank on it.

vicheth seang says:

yes thank you I Like 🙂

MissShaina says:

Best. Tutorial. EVER. 1. His voice is so soothing. 2. He effing SINGS while
waiting for the page to load! 3. The super-abrupt ending is hilarious. 4.
He’s a real person going through real processes. 5. Very, VERY informative.
6. This video isn’t some annoying 2-minute speed-run. 7. HE TALKS. 8. THERE
IS NO ANNOYING MUSIC. I hate people who type all their instructions on the
screen while some heavy metal shit that only they like is blasting my
eardrums away. Thank you Chris!!!

cybergrace7 says:

@arnst19 hey, most of you tube is of video tutorials of people talking
waaaay too fast to actually learn something well; please go to one of those
sites; and chris, thanks for talking in real time, while you are making the
site mindfully, and slow enough that newbies who actually want to follow
you can … thanks!

Xenab Riaz says:

one of the best tutorial i have ever seen.. thank you so much for sharing.

Shaishav Gajjar says:

Hey chris, Just one question. How did you manage to upload a video more
than 30 mins on youtube.

DavesterVideos says:

your awesome……… you help me a lot its easy to follow

Syed Ammar Ahmed Qadri says:

Hey chris please tell how can i implement my own html/css code in wordpress.

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