WordPress Blog Tips – WordPress Dashboard Tutorial tor Beginners

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After you have installed wordpress.org at your host you can access your dashboard by going to the address bar at the top of the screen and typing in your website address followed by /wp-admin. You will be asked for your username and password, which you entered at the hosting site when you installed the wordpress.org.

Near the upper left of the dashboard you’ll see the word Posts. If you click on Posts you’ll see Add Posts. Click there and you’ll get a box with a title box above it. This will be similiar to the boxes you use to send email. There will be familiar icons that are similar to the ones in Microsoft Word. You can click an icon and browse to upload photos or videos. You can choose font colors and type your article in the box.

A little way below the word Posts you’ll see the word Links. If you click on that you’ll see Add Links. These links show up in the Blogroll on the website. They are links that you add because their sites provide information that you think might be useful or interesting for your website visitors.

A ways below Links you’ll see Appearance. The choices under Appearance include Themes, Background and Header. This is where you can add your personal design touches to the site.

Farther below that you’ll see Settings, and General. If you click on General you’ll see where you can type in the title of the site. Below that you can add a tag line phrase also.

This is a brief overview of highlights of the dashboard for beginners. Good luck with your wordpress.org site!


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