WordPress For Beginners: Backing Up WordPress Blogs

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Don’t let your site get lost! Backup your WordPress blog today!

Maintaining your own website or blog takes time and effort. You want to be extremely careful not to lose everything!
But what happens if you lose even part of your information?
Despite popular misconceptions, you do not need a product to sell to make money online. Instead, you can offer information. This information can create income by way of affiliate marketing. This is the Information Age and many people use the Internet to research, so there is a lot of moneymaking potential.
Mapping out, researching and creating compelling content for a website is an incredible amount of work that requires a tremendous about of dedication. For me creating my websites and blogs is a precious process and the end result is as dear as a baby to me!
Really! I would be devastated to lose all of my hard work…
Re-doing content or scrape the Way-back Machine for indexed page records is time consuming and sketchy. And even still there is no absolute guarantee that you can retrieve all files.

Since I had recently experienced perils of cheap hosting on WordPress affiliate sites, I found out the hard way that not practicing what you preach to fellow online entrepreneurs/bloggers with regards to backing up database files can result in a lot of extra work and effort and of course loss of income! OUCH ;-(
Even super professionals suffer from procrastination when it comes to boring tasks like backups so I thought that I would share my plugin findings in the hope that it saves you data, time and prevents you from ever having to re-make anything ever again.

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