Create An ECOMMERCE Website In 2+ Hours – EASY! WordPress Tutorial

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Close In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, learn how to create a beautiful e-commerce WordPress website and portfolio or business website step-by-step. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from zero to a professional website using the free WooCommerce e-commerce plugin and the visually stunning “Virtue” WordPress theme. “Virtue” is a free WordPress theme by Kadence Themes.

0:05 Intro — What Will Your Website Look Like When Completed?
09:29 — How Much Will This Website Cost?
10:54 — The 3 Steps To Build This Website
11:12 — Domain Registration & Web Hosting
20:53 — Sign in to WordPress
21:38 — The dashboard
22:33 — Install Virtue theme
24:25 — Install/activate the Virtue toolkit
25:24 — Install WooCommerce plugin
25:55 — Install WooCommerce pages
26:24 — Add a logo
26:42 — Select boxed or wide site layout style
26:53 — Choose footer widget layout
28:40 — Add site tagline under logo (optional)
29:49 — Create a new page
31:02 — How to format & style text
32:15 — Adding images to pages/posts
33:43 — Page templates
34:55 — How to add a contact form
38:30 — Create a page with a sidebar
40:43 — Add a Blog Archive page
41:12 — Create a menu
41:55 — Re-order items in the menu
42:55 — Set menu locations
45:31 — Add The Full-Width Slider on the Homepage
50:40 — Homepage Layout Settings
55:41 — Create Portfolio page
1:06:04 — Add video to your Portfolio
1:11:47 — Create a Blog Post
1:12:38 — Create Blog Post with Image Carousel
1:16:00 — Troubleshooting: How to use “File-Unattach” plugin to fix Image Carousel Post If It Does Not Appear
1:23:02 — Create Blog Post with Image Slider
1:25:30 — Create Blog Post with Video
1:28:17 — Sidebar Widgets: Adding Custom Content to the Sidebar
1:32:17 — Footer Widget
1:35:56 — Setting Up WooCommerce
1:36:26 — How to Add A New Product
1:52:48 — Set Featured Products
1:53:37 — Change Currency
1:58:03 — Shipping
2:00:36 — Payment Gateways
2:02:32 — Email Sender Options
2:03:20 – Where to add Google Analytics ID
2:03:42 – Create Coupons
2:13:27 — Adding Author Bio On Blog Posts
2:14:11 – Setting up SEO-Friendly URLs and Permalinks
2:16:04 — Congratulations, you’re done! Thank you for watching!


— rotating slider with calls to action
— featured portfolio section on the homepage
— clean, minimalist, modern design
— mobile-ready & responsive (beautiful on mobile devices and laptops/desktops)
— lots of beautiful design features
— gorgeous font options
— social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more


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77webstudio says:

+Debra McCormick hi debra, great question. i would check out the table rate
shipping plugin at woo themes. you can also contact their support directly
re: this premium theme. they are also on twitter to help. this is a premium
plugin and i do not have a license for this one, so best to ask woothemes
directly. thanks for your comment!

Lazlo Mortimer says:

Thank you for the tutorial. Kadence’s tutorials are not good at all.
Perhaps you could sub-contract with them to produce better ones. 

Marc Derouen says:

Hi when re you going to make more videos 

Krista Ritskes says:

Thank you so much for this video! I was feeling so overwhelmed in setting
up my new site, coming from blogger, and you have made it pretty much
crystal clear. 

Kim Brillon says:

Hi Katrina, thanks for the great tutorial! The only question I have is what
plugin to use for this theme so people can comment on the blog posts?

Lee .Zimmer says:

Katrina, thanks for the great tutorial. I have watched it several times
while building my website. One thing I am not clear about is how the email
works. I know how to set up an email account through Hostgator but how do
I use it for my website once it is set up? Do messages posted on the blog
or on the contact me page go through the email? As you can tell, I am new
to all of this.

Mian Ehtisham says:

Hi Katrinah!

First…just to say thanks for this great tutorial video about Virtue theme
But i have some problem i want to show featured products in home page of
virtue theme. but in theme option there is a option home layout. in home
layout there is no such type of option to show featured products in home
page. kindly can you please tell me how to show featured products using
short code or any other method.?

Christian Frolet says:

Hi Katrinah
I have created an email address ( on the Hostgator
cPanel which I set on the General settings and on on the
Woocommerce/settings/email address sections. I receive customer
notification orders and emails but never anything written from the contact
form. I’ve checked the forums but I still don’t get it.
Christian Frolet

Kylie Loy says:

Thank you so much this tutorial was absolutely incredible & so easy to
understand. I was so completely lost building this but now have a
functioning site. I have just come from blogger to I have had to learn a
whole new process. thanks again.

Precious Sikazwe says:

Whew! Excellent video. Do you have any follow-ups videos for how to
manage carts, ie, when customers need to be reminded there are still items
in their cart. Also, some information about how to use ecommerce to get
your website out into public hands? That would be awesome. Thanks for the
hard work!

Kimberly Batarse says:

Great Job! It would be great if you also cover Virtue Premium. There are
many changes from the basic Virtue. You did a stellar presentation!

Vilma Arias says:

Outstanding video, I have view this video a hundreds times and learn
something new every time. I have a question, How do I I remove from the
footer the following line”Wordpress Theme by Kadence Themes”?

Isa Liu says:

I’m totally new to this and I have failed being able to login into the
wp-admin. I purchased a hosting plan (baby plan) with my primary domain
using (domain transferred from namescheap), and purchased
another domain ( from hostgator as add on domain to my baby
hosting plan. It said that wordpress was successfully installed for both
domains, but neither of the url allowed me to log in to the wp-admin page.
It says error: The requested URL /wp-admin was not found on this server.
How would i fix this? thanks a lot for your help

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Hi Katrinah, you seem Genius, i’d like to leave my WordPress admin panel in
English, and make the frontend panel in another language a “Russian” in my
case, can you tell me how to do that?:)

Gaby Abitia says:

hi there, wondering if you could help! When installation is complete and I
want to go to my wp new site it doesn’t direct to a wordpress sign in, it
takes me to my domain and nothing is showing. do I need to redirect it or

77webstudio says:

how to create a BEAUTIFUL website and online ecommerce store? learn from
scratch how to create this website for less than $25!
#wordpress #smallbiz #website #howto #training #tutorial #ecommerce
#business #solopreneur

Abby Izurieta says:

Hello Katrina, Thank You! I love your video and I love this Virtue theme. I
like everything about and I think it would be perfect for my business.
Accept that my business is services but I don’t sell any merchandise. Is it
possible to only activate some of the functions from the woocomerce
plugin, or do you recommend I use a different theme? Thank You in advance
for your help!

Royri Pastrana says:

I got a little problem, I need to display the prices with the currency
(coin) used in my country is there anyway to fix it? cause i don’t want it
in dollars

Eric Waldron says:

Hey Katrinah, thanks for the video! Just a quick question: the home page
slider photo disappears and then reappears, is there a way to fix this?

Here’s the website:

iatwb16 says:

Hi Katrinah!

First…just to say thanks for this great tutorial video about Virtue theme!

at 2:45m (when you show what will it look like in the end) you show a
possibility to share a blog post in social networks. I don´t think you
included in the video how to set this up…can you please share how to do
it? Is this a plugin? Which one?
Thanks for the help!

Best Regards ;)

Paleo Fit says:

I am wondering: How is the menu in primary navigation placed next to the
header logo? I did exactly what you did but my menue goes above the header

Michael McLaughlin says:

Great videos – I have Customizr on one of my websites – but it doesn’t look
anything like what you’ve done! Thanks for all the great ideas and
information about how to optimize Customizr! Have you had any experience
with the “X” Theme? It seems pretty versatile, and I’m on the fence between
Genesis and “X”. Have you done an “X” tutorial? – Will you do an “X”

Robert091254 says:

Thanks again Katrina, another well done video! I like the design so much
but I’m not ready to add the products or shopping cart. Can that be done

Ángel Navas says:

You made my day girl ! This is such a GREAT work. Congratulations, you’re
the best ! :)

Naomi De Silva says:

This is such a great help! I have been attempting to start making my own
website for the past few weeks, and felt like giving up. You have given me
hope! =)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! You are amazing! =)


mohamed jendoubi says:

Hi Katrinah,
Way to go! Great video
I’m using your videos to learn WP. 

Aman Gill says:

Hi Katrinah…….thanks first of all..this is really a useful video..but
I’m having a problem in opening up the link provided in wordpress email
which has been sent to me after installing the ‘wordpress’ tool..I really
don’t have a clue what has gone wrong with it? .this’s the link for my
website……..I would appreciate if
you can help me in this regard.. 

Natalie Menacho says:

I soooo appreciate your tutorials! Thank you so much!! :D

Britt Mittemeijer says:

There is a note on my site that says: “Your theme has bundled outdated
copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality
issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove
them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually
need to customize). See the system report for full details.” — I updated
to the latest Woo 2.1.9, and deleted (or so I thought) the previous plugin.
Evidently it was not fully deleted.
What do you suggest?

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