Create An Ecommerce WordPress Website In 3 Hours! (Woothemes Wootique)

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(Timestamps below) How to create an ecommerce website and online store in 2+ hours for less than $25 to sell your products and services online?

In this video, create a modern & minimalist ecommerce website for your small business or startup online shop — from scratch, using the free 2013 Wootique WordPress theme by WooThemes. No website or coding experience? No worries. I’ll show you step-by-step how to set up this beautiful e-commerce website.

Features of this e-commerce website will include: product image galleries, product variations, social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, & other social networks, coupons, various shipping methods, blog, contact forms, “about us” page, and more.

For a tutorial on a beautiful, responsive, mobile-ready, e-commerce website, please see my **other video** here:


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If you want to create a clean, minimalist, and GORGEOUS e-commerce website to start selling products or services online, just follow the steps in the video above!


Want to change the design and look of your online store? Check out Virtue, a free, responsive e-commerce theme by Kadence Themes, and watch the step-by-step tutorial here:

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How much is this website going to cost?
Host Gator
Installing WordPress
Logging in to your new site
Downloading Woo Theme
Installing Woo Theme
Installing WordPress Plugins
Viewing your website from WordPress
Activating WooCommerce
Setting up your Theme
Setting Featured Products on Homepage
Adding Products in WooCommerce
Selling Digital Products
Clearing Blurry images
Adding New Pages
Adding a contact page
Adding a Blog
Adding Blog Posts
Adding lightbox display blog posts
Adding social network Sharing
Adding Images to your pages
Adding Buttons
Creating a Menu
Setting up Sidebar/widgets
Adding Social Icons
Setting up Shipping
Setting up Payment
Creating Coupons

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77webstudio says:

+Muhammad Subhan Ahmad Hi Muhammad, you can see your orders by going to
WooCommerce > Orders. Here is more info. Thanks for your comment.

77webstudio says:

Hi +Kemunto Matara thanks for your comment. paypal does not accept all
currencies. i would check with them to see if the currency you need is
supported. here is the list on their site: Re: the cart, I would go through the
steps in the video slowly one by one to make sure you haven’t missed a
step. Also, make sure your theme, plugins, and WordPress version are the
latest versions. hope this helps, best wishes!

77webstudio says:

+Arnita vihar thanks Arnita, best wishes to you as well.

77webstudio says:

Hi Cyndi, hope you see this since I’m not able to tag you. Yes, when you
use WordPress it comes with a blog built in. In the intro of the video you
can see the blog in the top menu navigation. Hope this helps.

77webstudio says:

+Sabrina Bosco thank you, sabrina! : )

Ana Mony Emmaea says:

i can’t find the wootique theme at all 🙁 help?

Ken Gullette says:

GREAT!!! I am going to put this into action. I love the template except for
the lack of a “sales” message on the home page. Any ability to put one in
under the featured products?

Nathalie Ng says:

Awesome video. Thank you so much!! Learnt a lot.

Dwight D. Topolinsky says:

Very insightful. Clear and concise. Two thumbs UP!

Jon Nicklin says:

Hi katrinah — thanks for the great advice 

Peter DeRego says:

Fantastic video, thank you for taking the time to do this! With just a few
tweaks for the new version, I was able to get things up and running exactly
like you show!

Zia Ahmed says:

Thanks for this lovely tutorial step by step. That was really helpful 

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thanks for the videos very helpful

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great! thank you, Katrina!

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hi .. plz can you tell me that how to get free hosting service . awesome
video … thanks for uploading !!!!

Edward Everidge says:

hi, whenever I set my feature image it comes up pixelated, can you help me?

Mehdi EL AHMAR says:

Thank you :D

rosie mowatt says:

Thank you for a well presented walkthrough. I especially love the part I am
at right now, where you made an error, this is great for me, as it shows
how simply mistakes can be rectified. Also love the easy pace that you

mohammed naveed shahid says:

hi can you tell me how long does the propagation of name surver will stay
on cause i cant access my wordpress 

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Your video has been exceptionally helpful. Thanks a lot.

Yuvaraj M says:

Hi.. Nice to meet u.. I need some help form u. while doing check out page i
got fatal error. Can you please resolve this.
Fatal error: Call to undefined method
WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in
on line 14

Please reply as soon as possible

Bill Maris says:

you rock thank you

Joe Steiger says:

I got an error installing ecommerce plugin. Could it be because I’m not
using a ecommerce theme?

Towhid Hossain Kishore says:

Thank you for this video tutorial. This tutorial has changed my life. Now i
am more confident that i can do a potential work. Thanks

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