Create An Online Store In 2+ Hours! Ecommerce WordPress Website Tutorial – Zero To Launch

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Close In this video learn how to create an ecommerce WordPress website & online store for less than $25. Yes, really! We’ll be using the free WordPress e-commerce theme by WooThemes called Artificer. This is a great website design especially for anyone who wants to sell arts and crafts, or some other kind of creative, artsy product online. And — this website is responsive, so it will look amazing on mobile devices as well as on laptops and desktops.

Also in this video: learn how to add downloadable products like e-books to your website product catalog.

Features of this website include: responsive design that looks gorgeous on mobile and desktop, social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networks, email opt-in form to generate leads, photo gallery with lightbox, a blog, and custom code to customize the homepage of this responsive WordPress website.


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If you want to create a clean, minimalist, and GORGEOUS e-commerce website to start selling products or services online, just follow the steps in the video above!


Want to change the design and look of your online store? Check out Mystile, a free e-commerce theme by WooThemes, and watch the step-by-step tutorial here:

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77webstudio says:

+Sharon Burnett thanks Sharon! I’m so glad this video was helpful to you.
thanks for your comment! : )

77webstudio says:

+Jude Prashaw hi Jude, thanks for your note. Sounds like you still have
your database intact, as well as files in your FTP folders. I would contact
Hostgator, explain what you want to do, and ask for their guidance. I’m
hesitant to advise on deleting things without fully understanding what you
want to do. Hostgator should be able to help you out. Best wishes!

AL- Imran says:

wow!! Thank you so much for this!

Charmanda Crafford says:

Does anyone know how I can remove the /wp after my website name? right now
it only loads if I use 🙁 is there anyway
to change that please??

cha charaf says:

Really great video : ) Thank you very match.

Vojislav Simsic says:

Hello, could anyone help..
Is there a way to have slider at home page (featured products slider)?

Thanks in advance.

Zulfadli Nasir says:

+77webstudio hi there, i really interested to create my own ecommerce. i
even interested until i make a research on youtube until i found u. your
explanation are so clear start from hosting domain cpanel to wp dashboard
to wootheme until the final product. i even bough the baby plan from
hostgator using the coupon that u give and with no doubt it turn to be more
cheaper,i am so thank you and i cant wait for the account to be active.
because after i install wordpress on c panel i click link HERE it direct me
to PAGE NOT FOUNT i talk to the technician they said it take times for my
account to be active,i cant wait to start my project. my question about
wootheme is i watch some of other tutor said there is an issue with
wootheme on wootheme super store theme; ref: +Jason Gerald (WooThemes Super
Store) . i really like this theme can u do the same tutorial on this theme
beside how to ensure this matter that happen to mr Jason will not be repeat
to other user, please. thank you so much 

Rick Stone says:

Hi, I’m just about to take my site live and I’m having problems with Flat
Rate shipping. How do I set things up so that I can set a different flat
rate shipping amount for each product that I sell?

Sophia Sturges says:

This video was so helpful! Thank you! I have one question. Is there a way
to change the product image sizes if you want 4 images to display across a
full-width page instead of 3? Do you know where this is controlled in the
theme? I was able to find where to change the php code to display 4 images
instead of 3, but the default images are too big, so then there are only 2
images across, instead of 4… I understand if you are too busy to
answer. I plan on checking out more of your videos. Thanks again!

Osman Sarker says:

Very helpful video! Thanks for this video.

Van Hop Nguyen says:

Katrinal, I try this theme, but how can I make my photo get High Quality
like you. It presents not so well on my home page.

Harshana Jayanetti says:

Excellent tutorial again well presented. Thank you Katrinah.

nafiz munna says:

will this automatically deduct product from inventory once any product will
be sold.Please i am stuck this problem.and thank you very much for
uploading this tutorial 

Deborah Tveter says:

Great, thank you very much!!!

devin santivanez says:

Hey Jude, do you have a video or can you make a video that goes
more in-depth in the WooTheme called Artificer for inventory, adding new
inventory, back orders, shipping. I’m hoping I can throw away my excel
inventory and do everything through my website. Is it possible?! Any help
will be great. Thank you…… 

nathantube09 says:

This video was extremely helpful, thanks a lot! 

Meesa Sathish says:


Dawn Fredryk says:

Hi! Great video, but my Shop Now button is not working. I put in the code
exactly the way you have it in the video. Suggestions?

Thank you :)

Richmond Padraque says:

this is the error that i had maam ..
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
D:xampphtdocswordpresswp-includesclass-http.php on line 1453

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
D:xampphtdocswordpresswp-includeswp-db.php on line 615

Anurag Bamangaya says:

Hello Katrina,
you r amazing ,great tutorial video you were providing to us ,its really
very helpful for me to make wordpress ecommerce website with using wootheme
,great Katrina good move ,keep it up ….
Thank u….


I enjoyed the tutorial on the Artificer e-commerce store however, do you
have an updated tutorial for this theme. The reason I ask has to do with
the difference in the versions and the way it downloads.

1. I followed your instructions with the navigation bar and I can’t seem to
get rid of the primary bar. Everything appears on that top bar but, the
primary is still present in the middle of the page blank with an house icon?

2. I made my shop page a parent page, and then created children pages with
galleries and filled them with product images. How do I link the galleries
to the actual cart?

3. Can the Woo themes link at the bottom be removed?

Sharon Burnett says:

I know this video was published over a year ago…but what a great
tutorial! Even after having 25+ years of IT experience, there was so much
I learned. Thank you!!!

Jelena Gavric Drakulic says:

Hello, I’m interested in using this theme for my website, but I don’t need
shop button and basket. Is there a possibility to remove it? How can I do
it? I didn’t use WP before.
Thanks for tutorial it is great – helpfull and easy described. Sorry for
grammar mistakes, I’m from Europe :).

nafiz munna says:

hi there you have not shown the database config.dont you need it?can u tell
me the way it is really very helpful.i just want to know ,i dont
need to do anything with database setup,inventory etc

Francois Zietsman says:

Hi Katrina, Thanks for the great videos. I’m currently doing a test site
but my products on my homepage I need to display 3 products per row, but I
only get 2? I even changed my thumbnails to 80px but no luck.

The same on my Shop page – some rows display 2 products, some only 1 per
row? Please help. I also send you a message from your website with more

Richmond Padraque says:

good day maam .. im running my wordpress on a localhost and i got error on
activating woocommerce from woodojo do you know what are the possible
reasons and solutions ?
i really enjoyed this tutorial and i hope i can finish making my store ..

M Allen says:

First i want to say the videos are great. For some reason, on the product
quantities, i have two quantity changers. Any idea why or how to remove
one of them? thanks

Vojislav Simsic says:

Hi, great video. Please could you tell me how to translate Artificer front
pages terms that users see at all pages? I would like to customize it at
local language. I don’t need to translate any of dashboard settings terms,
only front. Thanks

devin santivanez says:

Hi Jude, great videos. really easy to follow… At 1:36:42, the html code
for the call to action button doesn’t work for me. In the video, you never
clicked on the call to action button to double check to make sure it works.
so idk if I’m doing something wrong on my part or the code you had on your
video is wrong. Any help will be great…. 

Marie Hng says:

Hi, hoping you can help me out. I’ve setup my shop with the help of your
amazing tutorial and have just started testing the site. unfortunately,
when I place an order, it shows up as order completed when I click on my
orders although I have not done anything. i have searched and googled high
and low and everyone seems to want to know how to make the order
auto-complete but my site is doing it without me having put any code in to
do so and I don’t want it to auto complete =S help? site is if that’s any help.

Daniel Darnall says:

Katrina, I have made some changes to the colors of the buttons “Add to
cart” and everything works until I click add to cart some javascript brings
up the color of the old button with display of a waiting image. How can I
change the color of the button when it goes into that mode? I cannot find
the css to override.

frank nil says:

Hi Katrina,you are amazing,i learned a lot of things with your videos
tutorial,i learned to do my own websites and a saved a lot of money,thanks
and God bless.

Adele Powell says:

Thank you for this great video. I love this theme and you have made it
easy for me to follow your get it up and running. I just
have some tweaking to do and then as you say “good to go|

Brian roberts says:

Great video. I got a store up and running. I have 2 thing I can’t figure
out…help would be greatly appreciated, maybe a video on the PHP editing.

1. On the homepage, I would like to move the phone and email boxes to the
top of the sidebar widget. On your homepage demo, you have 4 images and the
phone / email boxes are below your 4th image on the RH side. I only have 1
– 3 images.

2. How can I remove the google map from the contact page and reclaim the
space. It appears to be done through Google Maps section
of theme-functions.php. When I have tried to comment out that section of
the code…the site won’t load at all.

Nirav Patel says:

How To Create Your E-Commerce Website?

Kannan Singaravelu says:

I have 3 images with three different sizes. my images are not getting
resized even after regenerating; how can i resize these? Also is there a
way to adjust the imaze size in shop or product page so as to have uniform
dimension across? Pls suggest

Reign Modeling & Management says:

Greetings Katrina! Thank you for the awesome tutorial on the child page for
the Artificer theme. I have run into some additional issues on the site:

1. Both the checkout and my account button is not working, when I click the
button it says that the webpage is not available. (
2. The shop button from the code you provided is not working either. (
3. when I make changes do I do it on both the parent and child site or just
the child page.

Nozomi Fortune says:

Great video +77webstudio . Do you also have a video tutorial for WordPress
theme “Onetone”? I don’t have a background in web designing but would
really like to explore and learn. And I think your video tutorial could
really help me. Thanks 

ANAZ Khan Izm says:

hi, can i add multiple images to this theme?

Sunny Sahdev says:

Hi does this site template include a shopping cart?

Rapmixup says:

Hi, is there a way of having the featured-products-style homepage, and
still having widgets such as Facebook etc on the homepage (maybe underneath
the featured bit)?

Harshana Jayanetti says:

does wordpress provide a template for a listing site where I can get
subscribers to list products which they want to sell?

Jozef Antol says:

I dont have this horizontal line between header and stand-first section.
How to put it there?
And after activation of my child theme – my “cart and checkout buttons” in
header section dissapeared. How to put it back?

Lauris Kaulins says:

Hi, thank you for great video! All done, one thing you havent showed in
this video how to change text on main page “call us” and “send us an email”
how i can change number and email address in these boxes? thank you

Vojislav Simsic says:

Hi Catrina, is there any featured products slider at artificer theme
homepage design exactly like in this tutorial? Would be great that there
are 4 featured products shown in any time but to slides e.g 8 or 12 of
products and to have manually left/right arrows on hover.
If exists, please, could anyone send me link to website that has it
installed or plugin link.
Thanks in advance!

Jijy Labelle says:

Thank you very much Katrina. I have a little problem with uploading the
logo image. It dosen’t appear totally, just a part of the image with form
square is uploaded. How can I resolve this proble? Thank you

Donnie Yeung says:

HI, could you tell me how to change the sales price
Shadow? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Elaheh Madjedi says:

hi i love your tutorial and i think they are wonderful but i have one
question when i go to wootheme to downlood the ecommerce theme it goes to
go to cart instead of download is this something new?

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