Create An Online Store with WordPress & Genesis 2014 | Create A Website | Beginners Tutorial

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Close In this WordPress tutorial, learn how to create a custom e-commerce website and online store using the professional Genesis Framework, WordPress & WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

This website is AMAZING: if you want a professional e-commerce website on a startup budget, this video is for you. Learn step-by-step, no coding experience required. This WordPress tutorial is for beginners.

The theme I’m using in this video is Genesis “Outreach Pro” for WordPress. This is a versatile theme that can be used for both a nonprofit and business website, as well as for an e-commerce website. If you need a theme that organizes and presents info well, this is a fantastic theme.


The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is used by leading bloggers, media producers, developers, and content marketers across the web. Genesis features state-of-the-art code that is optimized for search engines and recognized for increasing speed of websites (thanks to its clean code). Also, Genesis is coded to adhere to the latest WordPress security standards. This is an amazing, professional framework to use for your WordPress website.



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77webstudio says:

How to create a professional e-commerce WordPress website? A business
website? Or, a nonprofit website? In this video, all 3 sites are covered.
Learn how to create a custom, professional e-commerce website with
WordPress and the amazing Genesis child theme “Outreach Pro” by
StudioPress. No coding experience required. Enjoy! Create An Ecommerce
WordPress Website GENESIS Outreach Pro 2014

#wordpress #ecommerce #genesiswp #woocommerce #website #nonprofit

77webstudio says:

+Sam Sahi Hi Sam, there are many ways you can do this: you can create
location-specific pages within one domain and add these pages in the
navigation, or you can create a separate website (see link example below),
or you can create sub-domains, each sub-domain featuring a separate
location. The easiest way is to use one website and create separate unique
pages. That way you only have one website to maintain. Hope this helps.
Here’s an example of multiple sites created for each restaurant location:

Ha Barry says:

Hi Katrina – I signed up for your video tutorial course but it won’t let me
access the videos. I log in and when I click on the links I get directed to
a page that says This Video Is Reserved For Members Only and when I enter
my username and email address it says I am already subscribed – can you
help please?

Terri Lin says:

Thank you!
Thank you for your time, your energy and your motivating tutorials! Two
weeks ago, I was scared to touch css or anything to do with code. Today I
am sooo excited and eager to learn!
Funny thing, I tried to listen to other tutorials but I can’t! Your clarity
and energy is what keeps me learning and engaged! I recommend you to
Thank you!

Veashna Khmer says:

Hello, my name is Ken. First, I greatly appreciate your video tutorial. It
easy to follow. I did subscribe your youtube already. I am about to
domain, but before that I have two questions. 1) Can you make slide photo
gallery clickable ,(clickable while the photo is sliding)? 2) Can you
podcast or post music with your WordPress? Thanks. my email is
Hope to hear from you soon.?

Erica Johnson says:

Great channel – so many options. I’m looking to start a blog and
E-commerce shop selling vintage clothing and wares. Do you recommend any
particular video or videos to get started? Thanks in advance!

Joel Cole says:

Hey Katrina…

Lookig orward to this. I bought Genesis and a package of child themes like
a year and a half back but I’ve never got around to trying them,

In the pack age of child themes I have one called Outreach. Do you know if
that’s the same as Outreach Pro and if not will it still work with your

Hair2GoNaptural says:

Wondering if you would do a video teaching how to add an Amazon carousel to
my superstore wp site. Thanks in advance! !

Carlito Vicencio says:

This is fantastic, thank you!! One question, how to you make these edges
rounded instead of sharp/square edges?

Dee Francis says:

Hi Katrinah I followed this video to the tee. Thank you so much for such an
amazing tutorial. I have a problem though… My genesis responsive slider
won’t work properly. The size of image won’t regenerate properly when i use
the plugin for the regenerate thumbnails and on a mobile device the menu
won’t even appear on the screen, while the slider is cut off. I’ve been
trying to fiddle with it for a few hours and can’t seem to fix the problem.
Also this is my first time ever touching anything to do with website
development, so it’s a bit frustrating. 

Hari Krishna says:

thnak u soooooooo much

The Best Miami Deals says:

Hi Katrina, just want to say thank you for sharing your talent with us. You
are definitely a blessing to a lot of people. I am in the process of
getting my own eCommerce site and I almost pay Shopify/Big Commerce big
money. Now that I found your video I am saving big money by doing it
myself. I do have a quick question, can you recommend an “import plugin”
that will allow me to import all my products at once or in batches? I do
have over 500+ products and doing one at a time will take forever. Thank

stephanie Tang says:

Hi Katrinah! Your videos are so useful and easy to understand! I am looking
to start my website, but don’t really know where to start. I have the
domain so far, but would like to find a theme/template and add an ecommerce
store as well as a membership-based page. I paid for a few themes, but
couldn’t figure out how to use them. I would have liked to message you not
in the comments section but couldnt find a message button. Could you please
get in touch with me when you get a chance? Thank you 

Eddie Siew says:

Since I bumped into your website . I have been spending countless hours on
every of your tutorials. I have learn a lot . Many thanks for your
sacrifices and your are really a great teacher. If I may ask, do you have
any tutorial for real estate website development to share?

WowPlusWow says:

Don’t you have to pay for word press to have an online store? It says it’s
$299 a year.

TheHub says:

Hi Katrina,
You are awesome and thank you for creating these wonderful tutorials. I
created a WP website based on your tutorials but I have an urgent question.
The client hired a SEO guy to promote the site and rank it, so the SEO guy
is asking for a username and password. Can I create a separate username and
password so he can only have access to widgets and plugins? What would you
suggest I should do? 

Michael Johnson says:

Are you familar with the following error “Fatal error: Call to undefined
method WC_Product_Simple::add_to_cart_text() in
woocommerce/loop/add-to-cart.php on line 21” ? I can not find a solution

John Dobson says:

This looks like a brilliant very detailed step-by-step video … I am deaf
so I wondered if you have a transcript?
Also I am sure others would like a transcript that they can print out and
refer to while installing their website rather than trying to pause – stop
– rewind a video?
Thanks for your tutorials :)

MFJLabs says:

Another excellent video. Thank you.

Miriam Boyle says:

Hi, Thanks for the video, i followed it and created a great little site.
However, i then decided that having my own favicon would finish it off, so
after a google search i came across a piece of code entered it into my
functions.php., uploaded the favicon to outreach/content/themes/images and
now i’m facing the ‘white screen of death’ 🙁 I think i have broke my site!
Do you know of ways i can recover my site or where i can go for help. Thank

Jeff Beauchamps says:

Hey there, I was wondering can I use this Ecommerce tutorial for the twenty
fourteen theme (which I learned from you) or it’s only for the GENESIS

zouhir elhassani says:

thank you i love you

YEG Picnic says:

Once a customer put something in the cart, is there a way to redirect to a
page to upsell and cross-sell? More precisely, people come to my site to
buy gourmet picnic baskets. Once they choose a baskets and put it in the
cart, I would like to upsell, for example, picnic butler service, roses,
wine, etc. Just wondering if there’s a way to make it work in WooCommerce?

Doeye Hof says:

You are like a WordPress Angel! Thank you!

Shade O. says:

Wow, wow, and WOW! Thank you for doing this tutorial Katrina. You
definitely saved us a lot of time trying to figure out how to use the
newest Woocommerce plugin! I appreciate everything you shared – from the
customizations to changing the product layout to all the useful tips and
plugins. I’m almost in awe on how the Outreach Pro child theme has been
transformed! Who would’ve thought?! Thank you again Katrina! This was

David Tan says:

Hi. thanks you very much on your tutorials. I have benefited alot from it.
Do you have any video on website security to protect my ecommerce website?
From David – Singapore.

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