How to Build an Online Store in Less than 1 Hour

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In this tutorial I show you how to build an online store from the ground up in less than 1 hour. The store runs on WordPress and WooCommerce which are both 100% free to use.

In the video I mention hosting providers, country and state codes for tax configurations, themes and other things which can be found here:


Mike Barton says:

Hi, thanks for your Tutorial. Couple questions after installing and
implementing the plugin:
1. I have 6 different products I want to show on one page, after I added
them they are displayed in a vertical format, right justified. All 6 items
are in a row. As an example:


I would like to display them in a in a 2×3 format. As an example:

x x
x x
x x

How do I do this?

Also, I’m getting Page, Archives and Categories to display at the bottom of
my WooCommerce Products page, how can I delete those? Here’s a link to my


Elsa Velazquez says:

excellent! excellent!

CreatingaWebstore says:

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