How to Create an ECOMMERCE Website with WordPress – Online Store!

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In this step-by-step video tutorial, I walk you through how to create a professional and customizable eCommerce website with WordPress so you can start your own online store using the free Mystile theme and the free WooCommerce plugin. This tutorial is comprehensive so that nothing is left out and everyone can easily follow along!

Things covered in this video include:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:30 Bullet list of what you’ll be creating
0:02:10 A look at the exact website you will learn to create
0:16:02 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with a company called HostGator and getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
0:22:32 Installing WordPress on your hosting account
0:25:38 Configuring basic WordPress settings
0:29:44 Download the free Mystile theme
0:31:52 Installing and activating the Mystile theme
0:34:36 Downloading and installing the free eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce
0:35:40 Setting up basic WooCommerce Settings
0:38:31 Setting up thumbnail image sizes so your product photos aren’t blurry!
0:42:07 Basic Mystile theme settings
0:43:25 Creating pages
0:45:12 Using free high quality stock photos
0:47:21 Using the visual editor to add images, text, and bullet lists
0:56:10 Embedding YouTube videos
0:58:25 Creating the “Contact” form page
1:00:54 Creating Products
1:14:25 Creating variable products
1:22:05 Setting up navigation menus
1:30:42 Using WooCommerce shortcodes – creating a product categories page
1:36:27 Setting up the “Home” page
1:42:46 Setting up featured products
1:45:44 Coming up with a professional color scheme
1:51:43 Creating a professional logo
2:05:18 Setting up PayPal payment processing
2:11:40 Setting up tax options
2:16:04 Setting up shipping options
2:20:16 Adding shipping classes for advanced shipping options
2:24:18 Setting up coupons
2:28:39 Adding up-selling and cross-selling functionality
2:32:27 Setting up widgets and widget areas
2:38:06 Adding an optional blog
2:43:36 Where to set up a Gravatar
2:44:02 Configuring comment settings

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Thanks in advance for your support!


wpSculptor says:

+Luis Vargas Hey Luis, I don’t know of one specifically but I wouldn’t be
surprised if Woo Themes had an extension available for doing something of
the sort. You can contact woo themes via email or browse the extensions

amine mohammed says:

thank u sooo much u really helped me
but i have a smale problem.
how i change language i want to change it to arabic language.can i?
and i have a small notice if u dnt mind plzzzz dnt talk fast when u
explain us something cuz ppl aroud the world watch and sometimes when u
talk fast i cant understand.
thank u so much

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Josh, how are you?
I wanted to make my Backend panel in English and the Frontend in a
different language a Russian in my case, is it possible to edit some peaces
of text, which are not typically accessable in admin panel, though i could
find CSS Styles, but not the actual texts,
Thank you Josh, i appreciate your quick reply!

Tamzon says:

I got this error when trying to install the mystyle theme
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in
on line 187

Panienka Marteńka says:

Hi ! shall I uload a subtlepattern as a zip file? It doesn’t work when I do

Jacque Williams says:

Thanks! Your vids are very informative and easy to follow, my question is,
can I create a page to play around with; to sample all the different
plugins and theme styles without publishing it so that I don’t interrupt
the function of my site?

AngelStarCreations says:

Can I still follow all these steps if I currently have a twenty fourteen
child theme?

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Hi Josh, id like to change some front-end to my language. But generally i
prefer the back-end interface as English. just want to change the language
of the visual information to my clients, i tried going to
“Appearance/Editor” but i’m not sure in which file the statements might be,
would you help me with that please?

Bhavesh Patel says:

Hi , This is very nice video, but still I have one question. How to change
text from ‘Proceed to Paypal’ to ‘Proceed to Checkout’ in checkout page.
that is confusing for people who dont have paypal account. I know there is
a meesage ,but i want to do the change in text button.

Jeff Turner says:

Great tutorial. I am a happy subscriber to your videos. Keep them coming.
do you or anyone else who is reading this, know of a good plugin that will
handle bulk pricing?

JuanaJuanero says:


I have problem completing the menu part because it take a long time to add
the pages under the menus and sometimes it will just load forever I’m not
sure if the themes or plugins that causes this or my server.

Gravity Golf says:

Great Video! Thank you for you tutorial and time!

Daniel Pillifeant says:

I can’t recommend this video enough. If you want a store, then follow this

Ife Fet says:

Hi…. just a quick question my product pics is only showing on shop and
not showing on the home page, how do i adjust the setting to make the
product show on both home page and shop…?

Yuo Zhoumel says:

thanks, if your sale your product out will the counter go to 0 so no one
else can buy it?

david twigg says:

Josh. Extremely thorough video. If I can’t learn from you …Well? ..Thank
you so much for the clearly presented info. Everyone should have you as an

Louis Georgiou says:

Hi Josh, thanks for the great video!
For my online store, I would like my users to be able to personalise their
products, so for example have their name on the product, how would i get
this feature into the variable products?
Many thanks in advance!

Villo Lelkes says:

Thank you, Josh, this is very helpful. Does this baby plan package work in
the UK?

Steve Richardson says:

I have since located the problem. I may have missed this in your video. In
case others did as well here is the answer: On the WooCommerce > Settings
page > General tab, there is a setting called “Enable site-wide store
notice text” which you need to uncheck.

kartabez says:

Hello! Thank you for this video, it helps a lot! Can you help me with one
thing: I want to replace white background in frame with picture (image). Is
there any chance to do it?

Rob Bradley says:

Hey Josh – This has literally saved me days of time!! I had to buy the
Dynamic Pricing add on to woocommerce to get my pricing structure to work
correctly, however you have helped no end! Once the site is fully up and
running I will mail you so you can take a look! I am amazed how technology
has moved on since I used to create websites in 1995!!

K FordeElite says:

This a really great Ecommerce Guide. Hats off to you. Helped us much

Steven Cronan says:

All I can say is THANK YOU. This is by far the best instructional video

Nika Javakhishvili says:

thank you man, really nice tutorial. it was my first wordpress website, but
i have a question: if someone orders ecommerce website and i’ve created
such, won’t it be difficult for her or him to add product? is it possible
to create more user friendly admin panel? 

Sambeleleny Chicupo says:

Hi Wp, is wp responsive? 

Barbara Stull says:

I am at the part of the video where you are adding your first item. You
page shows your picture, site name and tag line……..min still shows
Mystile and your video did not show anything about changing that or I am
having an issue with it showing up because I have added my title and tag
line. Where does the picture of you come from?

Mircea Ricci Facalet says:

Man, you deserve an award for this Tutorial. Thanks a lot!

Ankur Agarwal says:

Hi Josh, First I would like to thank you for giving all information. It
gave me enough confidence to build a eCommerce website. I just want to
know, instead on PayPal, may we accept other options of payments as well
like normally happens in other eCommerce website where customer is asked to
choose option to pay via Card like debit or credit…. Please help, I want
to give full eCommerce experience to my customers as other players already
doing in market place….

Dolly Rever says:

This was such a great video to use to build my site with WordPress,
however, before I discovered this video, I had begun to build my site with
Weebly. Luckily, I only did the homepage, but I cannot delete the
Weebly-made homepage. I would prefer to use a homepage created with
Wordpress. Any idea on how I can delete or move my homepage from Weebly
over to WordPress? Thanks in advance!

John Wong says:

Best tutorial so far…. Thank you

Mk Woo says:

This is an awesome video. I have a problem with the featured image on the
homepage. After I upload it and put it on the homepage, there seems to be
like an overlay (light yellowish with a number of fine grains). How could I
remove this filter ?
Many thanks

Cathy Lu says:

It’s very helpful and thank you a lot. But how can I add “Add To Cart”
button on product list page and change the colore of the button?

Prathap De Silva says:

Thank you …

Riasatraihan Raihan says:

+wpSculptor Hey thanks man.. this is the first wordpress tutorial that i
have seen… as it is very important that the first impression of learning
wordpress should be very profession at the same time very easy,You have
made full justice of it… cheers man.. thanks for your valuable
tutorial… 🙂 

Alawode Basit says:

Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Well done. Your videos are
very informative. But, I’m a software developer and most of my products are
softwares. Please, can I use this theme to create my website? If yes, how
can I go about it? Thanks.

Pablo Powers says:

Hello Josh… this my third video I have watched of yours. You should try
teaching or training as a profession. Now for my question… can you add
Woocommerce to an existing web page ? I am using WordPress Hueman theme .

Prashant Bedekar says:

Hello !! This video is helping me a lot. But one more question: At the
back-end, ‘Paypal’ radio button is not activated by default. When i click
on paypal link at the top, it is giving me the message as ‘Gateway
Disabled: PayPal does not support your store currency’. What could be the

jejelyly says:

Hi Josh, please how do you add a slider to this particular Homepage on the
Mystile theme? Remember, it is created as a custom link.

Frank Conan says:

Thank You Thank You Thank You

von-zuhause-einkaufen says:

Robert a very good Video. Many greetings from Germany

Angela Gruber says:

Hi Josh, thanks so much for the step by step tutorial. I created a website
that i will need to upload over 4,000 images and data. I tried “WP all
import” but I am having difficulty uploading. I can upload info into a post
with no problem but when it come to uploading into pages or categories
nothing happens. Will you do a step by step on using this plugin or
something comparable? Thank you Angela.

Eve Keith says:

I was wrong Mystyle is much better than customizer for my store.
Having problem with check out. I had cut and pasted from paypal before I go
to the cart part of the widgets at the end of your video. Now the cart wont
show uo on the check out page. I do my best to follow you step by step on
my own site. If you don’t mind could please give me a suggestion as to how
to fix this.
Thanks for your great videos.

Patricia Ojo says:

GREATE JOB! well done, not finished though, but I bet the tutorial will be
of great help in designing the kind of e commerce website I need for my
products. Hope to get back with good news when finished. Once again BIG

Francesco M says:

Hi, thank you for your tutorial very helpful, is there a way to publish
more items per time?

May Etab says:

Hello.. first thanks alot for this great video….Mystile is not support it
on android….when i check the website it looks totally different…menu
appears like a small dropdown list

Akshat Jain says:

Thanks a ton, really helpful, will start building up my site

Cynthia Makokha says:

Thank you…very informative and easy to follow. You are AWESOME!!!

Beth Engelhardt says:

Hi, I just watched your video and it is fantastic! I really think that I
will be able to create my own ecommerce sight with your help in this video!
I do have a couple of questions. Will I be able to include my own fonts
when building this website? And can I customerize the background so that I
can have like a burlap or old vintage rose paper background and how do I
load these things? Again your video is amazing and I would highly recommend
to anyone that is learning! Thanks

Francois Zietsman says:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the great video’s – really very helpful. I have specific
requirements with Shipping and really need help please.

I sell wholesale as well, but need shipping option displaying to wholesale
customers only? They should for instance not be able to see Free Shipping,
or the other shipping for usual customers.

I short, if a customer is logged in as a wholesaler, they should have
shipping methods display which they will be charged a flat cost + addition
cost per item? How can I make this happen? I have Groups installed as well
as Group Pricing which gives different prices for Wholesalers. Please

Rikardo Interesting says:

Hey Josh , I really find this tutoriel very helpful thank you so much ,
there is only few people like youu^^ thank youu again ! i did like you did
but i want one thing different , just i want the bottons “add to cart” and
“quantity (+,-)” Display on every single product in shop page and in all
categories pages of course , i mean i want my clients can add to cart their
product with quantity directly without have to get inside product and add
to cart and after go back to shop page and select other product …. my
client will see it little heavy and low , is there a plug in or a shortcode
or something i can do for that ,?? i know you can help me and i wish you
did ! thank you so much and thank you for coupon code for hostgator .

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