How To Create An ECOMMERCE WordPress Website | Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners — BEAUTIFUL!

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Close In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, learn how to create a WordPress e-commerce website and online store for less than $25 using the FREE WordPress e-commerce theme by WooThemes called Mystile, as well as the free e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce. This is a great website design especially for anyone who is looking for a clean, minimalist design for your online store. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from the beginning.

Also in this video: learn how to add E-BOOKS and other downloadable products to your website product catalog using the Google Doc Embedder plugin, which has many similar features as

Features of this website include: responsive design that looks gorgeous on mobile smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktop; social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networks; email opt-in form to generate leads; photo gallery with lightbox; a blog; contact form, embedded documents like ebook chapters, and custom code to customize the homepage of this responsive WordPress website.


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Intro & What Your Website Will Look Like: 0:06
How much will this website cost? 20:10
How to save money on web hosting? 20:25
What are the steps to build a website? 21:40
Getting web hosting: 21:55
Installing WordPress: 28:25
Logging in to WordPress: 31:27
Installing a new theme: 33:50
Downloading the WooThemes Mystile theme: 34:30
Installing the new theme: 36:34
Installing WooDojo plugin: 37:22
Installing WooCommerce: 38:56
Adding a logo & title/tagline: 41:10
Shipping & Payment Options: 2:10:30

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If you want to create a clean, minimalist, responsive and GORGEOUS e-commerce website to start selling products or services online, just follow the steps in the video above!


Want to change the design and look of your online store? Check out Artificer, a free e-commerce theme by WooThemes, and watch the step-by-step tutorial here:

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77webstudio says:

+Enrico Galvini hi enrico, thanks for your comment. i’m not sure about wpml
but i just found this thread so mystile must be wpml-compatible. i would
ask the team at wpml about specific questions. here’s a convo asking about
mystile+wpml, hope this helps guide you in the right direction.
pura vida! : )

77webstudio says:

Hi Ivan, hope you see this comment, YouTube doesn’t let me reply to your
question for some reason. Please see my new vid, hope this helps. Thanks
for watching! How To Fix Blurry Images In WooCommerce (WordPress)

GoogIe PIus says:

Hey Katrina, thanks for such an in-depth tutorial. I’m actually feeling
kind of bad because I purchased a Dynamix theme from themeforest to turn
into an eshop for my designs, but it looks like the theme you chose was not
only simpler, but also free! Oh well looks like I will cut my losses and
try to make use of the theme I purchased. If it doesn’t work though I will
definitely download that free theme and follow your tutorial verbatim since
you obviously know what you’re doing! Thanks again for such an awesome tut!
Subbed and subscribed on your website!

Hema L says:

Thanks for a thorough tutorial! Very helpful.

larry woods says:


Jane Doe says:

Hi, thanks for the great video! I downloaded the MyStile theme but it does
not show up as a .zip file on my computer and there fore I am unable to
upload via the wordpress dashboard – appearances- add new theme section..
any tips? I am running Mac OS X Version 10.8.3 . Please help as soon as you
can, thanks!

Janie Nafsinger says:

I need an ecommerce WordPress theme. I got really into your video on My
Style and see on the Woo Commerce site of list of themes it is not listed
so was unable to download. HELP! Whht is a good alternative and how can I
get help?

Juan Barriga says:

Hi Katrina
Wow you are a very talented person, I want to thank you for sharing with
everyone this valuable information. I subscribed to your free videos on how
to build a website using WordPress and i am very impress. I am very
grateful and thanks again and keep up with you’re good work!!! 🙂 

nzt48 says:

Hi Katrina,

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent videos. This one in particular
has helped me greatly. I’ve set up 2 or 3 of my own e-commerce websites now
thanks to it and i think they all look great, for a fraction of the cost of
a web designer. Your style and delivery is perfect and so easy to follow.
I’m now at the stage where i need to get my websites ranking in Google. I
wondered if you have put together any content anywhere for SEO? I’d really
love a video like this one (~2 hours long) but for SEO for wordpress and
the step by step things to do to get your website on page 1 of Google. You
could do it just like this video where you are doing the actual stuff to
one of your own sites and we get to follow along. I think it’d be great for
you too, you’d get loads of views. Hope to hear from you about this. Thanks
so much again.

Luca Panzavolta says:

Hello Katrina, thanks for your videos, they are useful and clear.
I have a question. Do you know if I can set up paypal to ask the customer
monthly payments (39 €/mo) rather than individual payments? I’m trying to
sell a service with a monthly subscription.

Thank you!

Just Groenewoud says:

wonderful video just what i was looking for some hints en tips thx

David Jones says:

Katrina, Do you have a video that covers adding a Terms and Conditions Page
to the Checkout page in WooCommerce (Mystile)?

Lucy Froehlich says:

Katrina, Thanks for this video. I have a question. Is there a limit on how
many navigation items I can add to main nav area? The reason I ask is that
when I was adding all our products to the shop page I got to a point where
it wouldn’t allow me to add anymore. I have 100 product categories for the
shop page and other 7 pages. Thanks in advance.

supbrotv says:

Shared hosting is good for testing out the site before you launch it but if
youre seriously thinking about running an ecommerce business go with an
entry level VPS hosting because once site starts growing the shared hosting
wont be able to handle it and switching from shared to vps can cause some
issues, once your site even grows larger you can switch to a larger
slightly more expensive vps server. pricing starts from around $30 and goes
up to around $150 a month.

Nicolás Madeo says:

The Theme its not free at all. Not helpful to me. Thanks anyway

Courtney Nesbit says:

Hi Katrina:-)
Please HELP!! I am doing exactly what you described in order to show a
product w/ variations, and have made sure to select a default item, but
unfortunately, my “add to cart” button still will not display? Do you have
any suggestions on what the issue/solution might be? Thank you for your
time, and thank you for uploading such wonderful, and helpful tutorials!!
You are truly amazing!!

Bio Time says:


Thanks for this tutorial. I go on the Dashboard / appearance/ and there is
no ” install theme” button for install Mystile? Please i need Your help

Pete Perez says:

Awesome tutorial Katrina. I really enjoyed the way you teach and articulate
the details with simplicity and clarity. Great job!!

Scott Pringle says:

Thanks, great video. I now have my online platform!

Filipa Morais says:

Hello !
On the minute: 45:30, I do what you say, but when I save all changes, and
refresh my website, the banner on the homepage isn’t there…
help me

Diana MEYER says:

Hello Katrina, thanks for making those tutorials which I find very helpful
😉 I have a question, I am building a website using the theme “Customizr”
but after installing “woodojo” it seems that I can’t get access to “Pages”
in the “WooCommerce” settings…. Aren’t they compatible?

Patty Fernandez says:

Thanks again for another awesome tutorial! This has been very helpful.

Abby Izurieta says:

Hello Katrina, Thank You! I love your video and I love this theme. I like
everything about and I think it would be perfect for my business. Accept
that my business is services but I don’t sell any merchandise. Is it
possible to only activate some of the functions from the woocomerce
plugin, or do you recommend I use a different theme? Thank You in advance
for your help!

Adeline Tang says:

Can u do a tutorial about building an affiliate website

77webstudio says:

lol okay so let’s see how we comment in this new youtube system here. this
is going to be one *long* answer, pull up a chair. if you commented in the
last 24 hours (or maybe more since i cannot see comment threads easily
now), hopefully you’ll see the A to your Q below.

+spiritual619 thank you! i’m glad i could help. re: preventing downloads,
you can check out the MHR custom anti-copy plugin which prevents copying
from your site. here’s the link:
wordpress(dot)org/plugins/mhr-custom-anti-copy. re: not having google
chrome, if you have firefox, you can use firebug to also check the code to
find the css you need to change. hope this helps.

+Mariel Amaya re: the banner image on the homepage, make sure you have
turned this feature on. go to “mystile theme options” >> “featured image”
>> make sure this is checked: “display a banner”, save. hope this helps!

+9584pete yes, you can use woocommerce to sell downloadable and virtual
products. you can find these options in the product edit page, in the
product data section. when product data “simple product” is selected, there
are two options listed, downloadable and virtual. hope this helps.

+DailyDazzleDeals wonderful, glad you found the solution! thanks for your

thanks for your great questions!

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