Installing and Setting up WP-eCommerce WordPress Plugin – Pt: 2

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In this video I install the new public beta of WP-eCommerce ( ). I will continue this video series through full product setup for a downloadable item, but will point out features for tangible items that are to be shipped


Luis Corea says:

Hello, how can i merge this wp e-commerce plugin with my current wordpress
theme ? Regards

Joy Star says:

there’s no audio for part 2

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

Hello, You can use the shortcodes for displaying on posts and pages.

geeweev says:

thank you so much for this video…awesome,useful information

socrayhte says:

Do you have any tutorials on WOOCOMMERCE? Would be planning to make any
videos on it?

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

hmmm – I didn’t know Woo Themes released an ecommerce plugin. I’m going to
have to check it out. I may create a video on it after I check it out a
bit. Thanks for bringing this to my awareness – I am a fan of Woo Themes 😉

Ev K says:

my stock is showing that I am out of stock! ))))))))) can’t do anything!
))) funny! ))

YeahCan Web Design says:

Well done with this video, WordPress is my favorite blogging tool.

WP-Ask Me LLC says:


Matt Whitley says:

how do i select what page the product will be dispalyed on.

Julie Larson says:

Great instructions! Thank you for going through the steps! My question – at
the bottom of the Add New Product page, under Advanced Settings there is a
Name box and a Description box – do you know if these are the meta title
tag and meta description areas for SEO purposes? Also, there’s a link right
there that says +Add Custom Meta, when you click on it 2 more Name and
Description fields open – are these the meta title tag and meta description
areas? If so, why would there be two? Thank you!

socrayhte says:

How do i another payment gateway{LIBERTY RESERVE} other than the ones
available by default?


This is really great….I like the speed of your instruction…not to
slow…not to fast and very clear…

Ajay Vats says:

How i can show individual category products on product page with default

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

@mattwhitley93 After activating wp-eCommerce, a new page should have been
created named Products – this is the default page for displaying products,
however you can also use short-code to display product categories or
specific products. You should have a button on your wysiwyg that ( when
clicked ) will add the short-code to your page / post – or you can add them
manually ( full documentation:
getshopped[DOT]org/resources/docs/design-and-layout/shortcodes-and-tags/ )

Wolfgang Bloomfield says:

Hi, I have a question this came to mind whilst watching your video. I the
initial setup you said that the shipping will be calculated from where you
are from, but I live in Spain but the shipping will be carried out by
different companies in the U.S.A., so would it be better to put in the
U.S.A., but then I have the problem of where in the U.S.A. Thank you for
the video it has been very helpful and I look forward to watching your
other video’s.

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

You can learn about shortcodes here: docs[DOT]getshopped[DOT]org – where
[DOT] = .

Ajay Vats says:

Its not helpful…Anyone have best one???

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

@bestorigultom Please post your question, Thanks.

socrayhte says:

Please when making the video on WOOCOMMERCE, kindly add a little detailed
video about including/how to use it also with Liberty Reserve {and not only
Paypal} payment gateways! Thanks ahead!!

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

Please don’t wait on your project, for me to create a video. I have no idea
when this may happen or even if I will create on on this plugin. I was
saying that I “may” create a video one day.

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