Make a Professional Website #14 — WordPress Ecommerce Tutorial

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In this video, the fourteenth in my series on how to make a professional website using WordPress, I show you how to set up a simple but very professional low-cost ecommerce website. This video tutorial on WordPress ecommerce will get you started. But you’ll need a lot more knowledge of setting up the details of your theme, setting up payment and shipping options, etc. Ecommerce is not my forte so I don’t get into the details. But by watching this short and very simple video, you will know how to get a WordPress ecommerce website up and on the Internet in less than fifteen minutes.


Tony Stark says:

Great Video and Your baby is so cute!!!!!

stonetiby says:

could you please upload a video how to personalize a ecommerce? I mean
menus, payment etc . thanks

SongsOfMike says:

quickest way to get an e-commerce website is get it from a cart company,
AutomatedSetup,com has the lowest rates among cart companies.

Michael Smith says:

BC – great video. Hey – go a little easier on your beautiful daughter –
that WAS a mouthful for her to say……..I know kids, that’s my daughter
on the left. Shes about 8 there……now 14. Thanks for having your kids
in the video – gives a personal touch.

Simon P McCullagh says:

I totally subscribed to your channel by the way.

vintagepolkadotcom says:

Your video is great however if I may a suggestion,..? The title should
specify that you are using woo. I clicked on video looking for WP ECommerce
Tutorial which is wordpress’s plugin. I tried woo but for whatever reason
after installed it disappeared and wouldnt even show up. I then tried to
re-install and it said it was already installed but nothing showed up in
the plugins sectioon. Wish the video was what I needed! Take care.

Simon P McCullagh says:

Hi man, love the vid, you clearly know your stuff. Would you happen to
know if that woo ecommerce plugin works well with the suffusion theme? i
love using that theme because there’s so much functionality in it. 

Rachel Well says:

Thanks, useful info, cute girl, she’ll be a good actress


nice tutorial , good end with your child nice, 

Klover Zhao says:

Nice tutorial. I’m using Mystile theme.

Just to share my website

Fancore Social Media Marketing says:

This is a great tutorial on how to make a wordpress ecommerce site and your
recommendation for the hosting is spot on they are a great hosting company.
I have created a video showing how to set up an ecommerce site with wp
using a different theme…some feedback would be great thanks!

My Boring Channel says:

This video will show you how to set up a low-cost WordPress ecommerce

My Boring Channel says:

hm. Maybe I should change my name.

Akshay Nair says:

thanks thanks thanks 🙂 i cant thank u enough sir 😀

NanoWeb says:

I watched the last 2 min 20 times.

My Boring Channel says:

No problem. Email me if you have any specific questions.

My Boring Channel says:

Thanks for the kind words.

My Boring Channel says:

Some themes have options to change the fonts, typography, etc., right in
their theme options. But others you have to change via CSS. And I recommend
NEVER modifying the CSS of your theme without first creating a child theme.
I plan on making a video very soon on how to make a child theme and the
importance of a child theme if you plan on modifying core files. The basic
idea is that a child theme will allow you to make changes and when your
theme is updated, those changes will not be lost.

Michael Fleischer says:

Good video even though it comes from My Boring Channel. Just
kidding…great video for newbies.

Erasmus Madrid says:

thanks Myfun channel 🙂

Nouman Mehmood says:

Thank you very much! I appreciate you making the video as a stepping stone
for me to get started! You’re a fantsastic help so please don’t stop lol. I
did have one generall question though, when you install these wordpress
themes with their custom colours and fonts, is it possible to change the
fonts and colours? And would it be through CSS? Thanks again and love the

Nouman Mehmood says:

Thank you very much! U app

My Boring Channel says:

yeah, she’s funny huh?

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