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What is the best way to sell a product or service online? We review the two most commonly used eCommerce plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce.

Find out which is best for you in this episode of PressThis PressThat.

For a look at more of our e-Commerce coverage go to the links below:

JigoShop and MarketPress – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rpCfqO7T-w

eCommerce eCosystems – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byrk6ImnGUw


WooCommerce and JigoShop – 1:29

WooCommerce Review – 2:06

WP e-Commerce Review – 4:46

Developers vs Designers – 6:21

The Verdict – 8:38

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WP e-Commerce – http://getshopped.org
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Caribface Sassi says:

I tried the e-commerce n it was so confusing to the point where I even
really thought about moving my blog somewhere else, I couldn’t even get any
support when I needed it.

A. Torres says:

woocommerce plugin is destroying wordpress themes that do not offer
integration woocommerce, as in previous versions had the option of using or
not the integration css woocommerce, but this new version woocommerce there
no longer use this option to yes or not css woocommerce. Do not use more

Slideway86 says:

This may sound crazy, but it weird to see Dan on the right and hear him on
the left. Just something that could help your production out. Thanks for
the video. 

Alen Kh says:

lol just checked the website you guys made first thing comes is jquery
error, u should update it , and thats the main problem with me picking

Steph Brennan says:

you have the same opening to your video that durinrider has

gti2756 says:

Nice review but your microphone placement is making me dizzy.

Hovhannes Matevosyan says:

Thank you for good tutorials.
I have issue with navigation menu. I have installed woocommerce plugin into
my template.
When I visit “Shop” page (this page was installed with woocomerce plugin)
navigation menu is changing.
In other words, there are 4 links in Nav Menu whole over the site (Home
About Shop Contact), whereas I can see only 2 in Nav Menu when I am in
Shop’s page (Home Shop).
I would highly appreciate if somebody could help me.

Steven Potter says:

I have been using both for clients sites but now moving solely to
woocommerce mainly because the support for wp-ecommerce let me down badly,
in fact in general the support is not really even there, in the forum many
people have been waiting months for an answer so I opted for the paid
support having a problem with the cart not going to the checkout. The
people answering my question seem to refuse to read any of the previous
comments so at one stage had 3 different people asking if I tried this or
that 3 times eventually being referred to one of the developers again
asking if I had tried the same things again clearly he either had no access
to the feed history or just couldn’t be bothered reading it. He could not
work out a solution and because the problem was intermittent, he got it to
work once after trying multiple things then putting them all back how they
were and deemed the problem solved, which of course it wasn’t, closed the
feed marked as solved. When I asked for my money back they gave me a credit
token to go through the same process again. I eventually found the problem
and fixed it myself.

Leroy Abney says:

I work as a web developer and I recorded a series of video tutorials about
wordpress. It really is the most complete wordpress training ever. I posted
a sneak peek from the training course on my channel. check it out…

TetradOpus says:

I tried using WooCommerce but it wanted to change my theme and I wanted to
keep my theme. Is there a way to add ecommerce but I keep my theme, layout,
colors etc… I just want to add a Shop page and sell my services not
change the look of the entire website.

Vicki Branham says:

Tell me how to get calculated shipping with woocommerce.

DrewHales says:

Used both woocommerence is better

Slocum Studio says:

Don – You’re welcome! What would you like to see more of form our channel?

efyHealth says:

I didn’t see any comparisons between membership sites. Have you guys done
anything with membership sites? Typically build them into your
applications? I just purchased MagicMembers because it sounds simple, but
may end skipping the 30 day trial. Just trying to find out now if they have
an API that will talk to InfusionSoft. I’ve got a lot invested in this
e-mail solution. It’s got serious power and hopefully will increase sales.
We’ll see.

Lee Arbach says:

your video was really good. thanks! could you add in Opencart compared to
WP based commerce? i have very good results getting page 1 ranking out of
my WordPress sites. can you touch on WP commerce will be “done” the same as
WP? and WP ranking compared to Opencart. (i ran out of space on the last

On Track Tips | Wiser Sites says:

Also wanted to add that WPEC It is definitely not really plug and play. But
it’s easy to modify for an intermediate programmer, but not recommended for
users that do not have CSS / HTML / PHP skills. Things I really like,
custom mods to files can be easily stored along side your child theme, code
is easy to isolate and mark up, has USPS & UPS shipping option bundled.
Things I don’t like, transient files in the wp-options, additional table to
your database, heavy database calls.

Michael Mann says:

Since the developers of WP e-Commerce seem to have abandoned actually get
Google Checkout / Wallet to work, I’ve given up hope for this once awesome

John Pierre Orbes says:

The coolest review ever. Thx so much

Mathew Raatz says:

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transform WordPress into a high converting money making machine. It is an
impressive and very important training for all marketers, It is very easy
to follow. visit: –> /watch?v=u1N0eHYDvg0 <==

Wolfgang Bloomfield says:

Not really, I’m waiting for Bluehost now, I want uninstall the site and
start again, but I can’t see a facility for doing that in cpanel, it’s
strange it worked better with the artisteer theme than it did with the woo
one, in fact the problem started when the woo theme developed an extra home
page. Thanks for your reply though.

Slocum Studio says:

Interestingly enough, we mention Jigoshop in this video. There is a lot of
talk about how WooCommerce takes the original framework of Jigoshop and
“repurposes” it. We can certainly take a look at it!

Don Freshly says:

Thank You for this video, great info!

Starblazer27 says:

hi guys… i came across another relatively new (2012 i think) wordpress
ecommerce sol’n called shopperpress. I’d like it very much if you can do a
comparison of it with woocommerce. Thanks lots!

Matt Medeiros says:

Glad it helped!

Slocum Studio says:

You’re welcome! Hope one of the plugins works out for you and your clients.

Lee Arbach says:

commerce site has to do 2 basic things. accept payment and UPS negotiated
table rate ship. The UPS modules work 100%? The payment modules work 100%
secure and insured or to credit card LEGAL standards? (cause there’s a
bunch of legal stuff the credit card companies require or the merchant is
responsible for the fraudulent charges. and to avoid the authorize net type
of charges the Paypal buttons i can create in my Paypal account are
excellent. paypal accepts credit cards too all on their site.

Wolfgang Bloomfield says:

Hi, Thank you for the comparison between these 2 plugins, I have a
question. I am in the process of building a woo-commerce site, I chose a
woo theme for wordpress thinking that this would be the best option. The
theme suddenly developed an extra home page which is strange, so I went
into admin, deleted the extra page. I then chose another theme the same
thing happened, I created my own theme using Artisteer and things looked
quite good, then the sidebar and image disappeared, what’s wrong?

efyHealth says:

Also, i’d like to know if the carts are affiliate concious. Meaning can I
run InfusionSoft affiliate processes ConnectionJunction cj.com affiliate
network on the carts. I’m finding that the APIs are really important if I’m
linking a bunch of non-similar 3rd party software solutions together. What
a pain!

Mike Rodriguez says:

Would you guys do a review for a plugin called Jigoshop? I haven’t dabbled
with it, but it seems quite extensive and I would like to see what you guys
think about it in comparison to WPEC and WooCommerce.

Kia Blain says:

Hey guys. Love the videos. I am developing a website for a printshop and
another for a photo editor. Which ecommerce plugin has the option for the
customer to upload their work at(or after) checkout?

Davi Routner says:

Go for the woo

Don Freshly says:

Best User Role Plugins. (Send You a Direct Message)

fitnesstips2012 says:

Many thanks, great video…helped me make a huge decision. I’m going for
the Woo

venkat b says:

Can you please tell me what are the main differences between the
WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce other than Flexibility,front end view like
tabs and more payment gateway support. I would like to know mainly
functional point of view.

Slocum Studio says:

Wolfgang – tough to really know what’s going on without seeing the code. We
suspect you might have lost a sidebar/widget when you moved to the new
theme. Was Woo or Artisteer support any help? Thanks for watching!

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