WordPress Tutorial – eCommerce – Setting Up eShop

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WordPress ecommerce shopping cart – This tutorial demonstrates the basics of the eShop plugin – a FREE and very handy WordPress plugin that allows you to sell your bling!


Darin Simonson says:

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rrvasanth says:

this is very helpfull for me thanks

Paul B. says:

This means that products will roll down the main page over time, unless
they are “featured”? That’s really far short of what I would need. I’m
thinking of products in the right hand column, with normal articles in the
main column. But it appears this plugin takes over the main column.

tnick2 says:

Thanks for the video

jemaudioaustralia says:

hey mate, just wondering im using this plug in i can get it to add all my
products etc i have my paypal details inputted but when i hit make payment
even with paypal selected it just keeps taking me back to my shop, any
ideas why?

RickTew says:

Hey thanks! I couldn’t figure it out, so decided to search it on Google and
came across this. Now I have the store up…this saved me a lot of time!

luvmasterr says:

Great video. Simple, direct, easy to follow, Thanks!

tumnus2112 says:

That’s really helpful, Kieth. I have been trying to get wp-e-commerce to
work but it’s surprisingly glitchy.

Nelson Kluth says:

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DLocked says:

@ReductioAdAbsurdum1 Well if you INSTALL and ACTIVATE the plugin then you
can actually see the store…

sumoooo says:

thanks man, really helpful!

JasonsRealm says:

should of pressed preview at end…grr

FreedomsPrisoner says:

Very helpful. Many thanks

Earlene Prentiss says:

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Ron Capps says:

Basic information on showing the basics of working with one of the
recommended eCommerce WordPress Plug-in Options – eShop

Richard Berry says:

Hey. Its a good video and helped me some. Why not show the product and how
it appears on the page. Thanks!

nippermh says:

Does this plugin only work under wp 3.0?

webolu says:

Good pres, but can’t hear the audio very well.

PrimalFireArtistry says:

The video for this plugin is two years ago ; there have been tons of
changes to the eCommerce platform since then.

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José Antonio Tizón Caro says:

thanks a lot

batchmister1 says:

“i live in America so that’s good for me” LOL

shamora2000 says:

Why do you use both e-shop and wp-ecommerce names interchangeably?
Accorfing to wp directory it is 2 different plugins!!!!

jukarosales says:

en español

Joe Welton says:

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ZenCartEasyHelp says:

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tnick2 says:

@Shopperpress and Zencart Shame on you for spamming this channel. Is this
the only way you can attract custom? Shame on you both

37Locky says:

@ShopperPress We purchased shopperpress from you and didn’t like the
thumbnail picturs which we couldn’t change. We sent you an e-mail asking
you to help in this regard, but didn’t get a reply. The thumbnails look
terrible as it doesn’t matter what size something is the thumbnail image is
distorted by the non variable box dimensions. If I’m wrong and they can be
adjusted please let me know. As they are at present it makes the whole
appearance of the site look like an amateurish.

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