#1 WordPress Contact Form (No HTML) – Visual Form Builder

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Visual Form Builder is one of the easiest to use WordPress contact forms available. One of the more common ones is a form builder called “contact form 7” but I find visual form builder much easier to use. If you would like to learn how to change the appearance of the form, be sure to check out my video on “visual form builder css”.


Bre Muro says:

Hey Drew! My husband created Visual Form Builder. You can go on vfbpro.com
and select pre purchase question. Those emails come straight to me. We want
to tell you about the new plugin that will be available soon. Thanks for
the review. We appreciate it.

Drew Ryan says:

Cool, I purchased VFP a while back not long after it was released and Matt
answered some of my questions about it.

Padel Hoy says:

lol I like the fun component of the video… see u next time… see u next
time… see u next time…

Drew Ryan says:

haha glad you stuck around for that and thanks for the reminder… I will
upload the visual form builder css video shortly.

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