$10,000 Contest: Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin For YouTube Videos, Twitter, FaceBook & More!!!

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Contest Burner has now officially launched with this amazing $10,000 contest. Get your own copy of ContestBurner, a free eBook & more training videos. Learn online marketing from Bill McIntosh and use this cool WordPress plugin to increase website traffic for your business. One of the best Internet marketing techniques is using a viral marketing, viral advertising or viral video campaign. I’ll show you how to do all 3 at once!

I’m Bill McIntosh & I’ve got possibly the biggest announcement in my entire 11 years of successfully working in the world on online marketing

Now this announcement is all about how you can use viral marketing techniques to drive free traffic to your website & customers into your business.

And that is… I’m announcing the public launch of contestburner.com… And the best part of this announcement is that to celebrate our launch I’m giving away over $10,000 in cash & prizes

On top of that, I’m also giving away free ebooks, A free video tutorial, free training on my weekly LIVE Internet show & a free downloadable viral marketing tool. I’ll be teaching you how to use viral marketing to increase business on your own website

Contestburner is a plugin designed for websites built on the wordpress blogging system and what it does is simply amazing.

Now before I tell you exactly what contestburner does I want to show you why I had my team build it in the firstplace…

You can reward your contestants for doing things like:

linking to your web site
commenting on your blog
subscribing to your newsletters

and here’s where it gets really good… Contestburner can also works directly with sites like Twitter, facebook & youtube to make your contest EXPLODE with a viral marketing campaign. You can also reward contestants for:

commenting on your youtube videos
video responses about your contest on youtube
subscribing to your youtube videos
Sending tweets on twitter
posting to facebook

comment on youtube
subscribe w the yellow button
and then rate it
& if you like it, you can favorite it too

Then go http://www.contestburner.com & sign up for the contest… the actions you took on this video will give you tickets into our contest. Now there are many other ways to win tickets & you’ll find out about it when you visit contestburner.com

Oh, I almost forgot… I’ve created a special free version of contestburner with some very effective features & you can download for free after joining the contest…


Medien Wohl says:


GVOWorldWide says:

Looks interesting concept…

Leslie D Hudson says:

I can’t wait to promote this product.

NewsBlaze World says:

it definitely is a big announcement

Brian Uribe says:


33moulie says:

lol@life and you are right but gotta get it ALL down..

XD Web Solutions says:

that’s my main goal – to get more targeted traffic to the site…can’t wait
to get on the webinar to learn more…

bluwizz4you says:

Entricing prizes described here via points and bonus points. Very

Paul T says:

I have a feeling I’ll be watching my email daily!!

dwellerbda2 says:

I got my copy. Get yours today!

arvelllewis says:

this is a great tool… web 2.0 explosion! wow Arvell Lewis

Jay Venka says:

when is the end date?

big rico says:

cool ? i would like to make 3.5 vmillion with googleadsens

katoosh1 says:

Nice Video Bill

im2ret says:

This ought to turn things around.

Bobby Whataman Jackson says:

Cash! And Prizes!….people love contests!

WPblogmatic says:

Awesome new concept

John Chablo says:

Sounds interesting Bill! Success to all, John Chablo

MarkMillionaireGuru says:

Hello mcintoshmarketing I have to admit I am very impressed with the
quality of your videos here on youtube. They are certainly a pleasure to
watch as I do enjoy them. I am sure there is many others who also feel the
same about your videos. Mark McCulloch

bigzeno39 says:

a must see now to set up a contest for me

lovekidscamp says:

This could really drive traffic. By joining your contest, I see how it

dybdon says:

Excellent concept and product…we have an immediate need!

Yahaya Baruwa says:

insightful video…

Jeanne Mayeux says:

Contest Burner Tool – gotta try this. Great info. Check out my attempt at a
viral video. It’s pretty funny. This video was for my Full Sail U. class on
Viral Marketing.

theotherside1freemus says:

Contest Burner is a must have for all website owners !

Sue Worsley says:

I am heading over there right now! I see this video a few years ago, I hope
you are still doing it. I will do a video response tonight after my J-O-B.
Thanks for the info, I have watched a few of them, you are a great teacher!
Thank you from a Nanna who is just getting started.

Dean Gray says:

I really like what I am seeing and would like to know more.

internettopmentor says:

I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on my channel bit [.] ly/9X23us.

Luis H. Saturno M. says:

I want to know what my reward will be

Alexandru Balaci says:

I think it is a good idea the contest burner

Billy Gray says:

Some people say this is a scam?

Nathan Hull says:

This is an awesome tool.

affiliateamateur says:

I always love contests. I am hoping to win the Mac Book Air. You never
know! Good luck to everyone.

Davefrazee says:

Interesting concept

ratimalltag says:

sounds good. I will try it for shure!

MrMoneyHelper says:

Once I get enough subscribers I’ll really put Contestburner to good use. It
is really great that it is a simple plug-in for WordPress blogs.

glintstar1 says:

OK I’ll enter your contest and hopefully win and increase my own business

javanz07 says:

Never heard of you bill but looks like you’re the real deal. I’m keeping my
ears and eyes peeled…

GotWoods? says:

Nice video. Thanks

TheExtremeMarketing says:

simply awesome!

KHull2010 says:

I Love Contests. Contest Burner is a real must have to help Internet
marketing. . I have seen this type advertising and have been in the
contests at least twice

mrshawkeye1 says:

Thank you for your instructions …that are easy to follow.

mrshawkeye1 says:

Thank you for making the instruction in a way any one can understand.

John Antaya says:

Really like the options you are promoting with this video.

Michele Ross Arts says:

Very Interesting Data

anxietyawaynow says:

i like these vid’s and channel…

bmhb40 says:

We will sure check this out

Dave Mansfield says:

Cutting edge software Bill!

Bsal Nakarmi says:

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with “Morsch Money Secret”, but then I showed them the results. Go and
google “Morsch Money Secret” to see their reaction.

bearman3690 says:

Great stuff

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